Trying to Conceive? Use FertilSafe Plus Fertility Lubricant

What is FertilSafe Plus Fertility Lubricant?

FertilSafe Plus Fertility Lubricant is a personal, sperm-friendly lubricant that was launched by BabyStart Ltd in 2018. BabyStart is one of the world leaders in in-vitro diagnostics products. The company previously supplied Pre-Seed, before that brand moved to First Response.

This lubricant was specifically designed by scientists to mimic the body’s natural lubrication fluids. FertilSafe was formulated to ensure comfort during intercourse and to ensure that sperm is safe and able to travel freely through the lubrication fluids in order to fertilise an egg.

Who Should Use FertilSafe Plus Fertility Lubricant?

Any couple who use a personal lubricant during intercourse and are planning a pregnancy should be using FertilSafe Plus. This lubricant increases personal comfort during intercourse when a couple are trying to conceive.

Available in Two Versions

This lubricant is stocked by Zoom Baby in two variations. We have the standard 75ml tube of lubricant and the multi-pack of lubricant. The multi pack contains a standard 75ml bottle, plus two 5ml ‘travel size’ tubes of lubricant. You also get 2 reusable applicators which can be used to help deposit the lubricant inside of the woman.

Is FertilSafe Plus Fertility Lubricant Safe to Use?

Yes, it is. FertilSafe Plus is glycol and paraben free; but more importantly it’s been clinically tested by one of the leading Andrology clinics in the UK to ensure that sperm is not harmed and that the motility and viability of sperm is protected. Some personal lubricants can form a barrier to sperm, but FertilSafe meets stringent pH and consistency tests, making it completely safe to use when trying to conceive.

How And When Do You Use FertilSafe Plus Fertility Lubricant?

FertilSafe Plus fertility lubricant is suitable for daily use and can be applied immediately before or during intercourse. Simply squeeze the required amount onto your finger and apply to the male and/or female genital area. Alternatively, you can use one of the vaginal applicators provided in the FertilSafe Plus multi-pack.


  • Prior to using FertilSafe Plus Fertility Lubricant it’s important that you read the full instructions supplied.
  • The lubrication gel should not be stored in the reusable applicator for more than 30 minutes before using.
  • FertilSafe Plus is a sperm-friendly lubricant that should be stored at room temperature.

Why Can’t I Use My Normal Lubricant?

It is now known that some everyday personal lubricants can have a negative effect on the fertilisation process by damaging the sperm or hindering its movement. These lubricants must be avoided by couples trying to conceive.

One major factor to consider is the effect of lubricants on sperm viability. Certain lubricants, specifically those derived from petroleum, possess the ability to harm sperm and reduce their effectiveness in fertilising an egg. It has been discovered that petroleum-based lubricants like Vaseline or baby oil can negatively affect the overall health of sperm, therefore they should be avoided when attempting to conceive.

Another category of lubricants that ought to be evaded are those containing nonoxynol-9. This chemical compound, often present in spermicidal lubricants, can actually exterminate sperm cells and hinder successful fertilisation rates. Thus, it becomes essential to carefully peruse the labels of personal lubricants thoroughly and refrain from using any products containing nonoxynol-9.

FertilSafe Plus fertility lubricant is not only safe to use, it’s actually recommended for couples trying to conceive. This fertility-friendly lubricant with its ideal pH protects the safety, viability, and motility of sperm to allow natural conception.

Important Note:

  • Please be aware that FertilSafe Plus Fertility Lubricant is not a contraceptive!
  • While it’s completely safe to use when trying to conceive, it should not be used if you have experienced a vaginal infection.

This post first appeared in 2019. It was last updated in July 2023.

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