All about Fertility Tests

All about Fertility Tests

So what exactly is Fertility and Infertility?

Fertility is simply the ability to give life, to conceive through sexual activity and give birth to a child. Infertility is when a couple has tried for a long time to have a child but they can’t. You are usually infertile if you try for about a year and can’t get pregnant.

Understanding Fertility Tests

A fertility test is used to see if there’s a problem with the fertility level of man or the woman. It’s not always an issue with the woman when it comes to infertility, it can be a problem with the male. Almost half of all fertility issues can be traced to the man. Having the male partner tested can help to correct any issues if they are caught early enough, so testing is critical.

How Long to Wait Before You Check Fertility

Experts say you should wait different periods when it comes to checking your fertility with a medical profession.

• If you have been trying to have a child for over a year and are under the age of 35, they you should get checked.
• If your 35 or older but under the age of 40, you should check within 6 months to see if there are problems.
• If you are over the age of 40 you need to get checked at around 3 months.

Testing Fertility with a Medical Professional

You may be asked several questions when you go to a medical professional to enquire about your fertility issues.

• The history of any medications that you’re taking or took in the past
• Any illnesses or surgeries that you have had
• You may be asked about habits such as drinking, smoking, drug use and so on
• You may be asked about how long you have tried to conceive
• You may be asked about the timing of your intercourse such as the if you’re having sex at ovulation
• There could be questions about your sexual history asked of you

If you want to answer these and other questions it’s often helpful to have the results of home pregnancy or fertility tests with you to assist the doctor.

Testing for Fertility at Home

Home fertility tests can address many of the concerns you have about your fertility problems. There are both male and female fertility tests that you can take.
Some of the fertility tests available from Zoom Baby include:

Male Fertility Testbabystart FertilCount Male Fertility test

The babystart FertilCount Male Fertility test is a rapid diagnostic test of sperm concentration in semen. This male fertility test gives an accurate result and it’s easy as well as quick to use.

Male and Female Fertility TestFertilCheck Plus

This is a combined male and female test. That looks at the FSH or follicle stimulation hormone of the female and the sperm numbers as well as the sperm concentration in the man. If there’s an increase in the FSH. This could indicate infertility. If the female and the male test are positive then you should seek medical advice about what to do next.

Female Fertility TestZoom Baby Female Fertility Test Kit

These types of fertility tests measure the FSH or follicle stimulation hormone of the female. Like the other tests a medical doctor should be consulted if the FSH is high.

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