Going to a Big Match? How to Take Your Baby and Protect Their Hearing

All big games have a certain atmosphere at the beginning. Hearts begin racing as the teams enter the arena and this is when the crowd noise is very loud and at certain big plays throughout the game. It can go very quickly from a low hum to a deafening burst of energy is a split second.

Going to this kind of sporting event and cheering on your home team gives you an alive and excited feeling. The crowd cheers and blasts of music make the atmosphere even more exciting, and the commentators relay every exciting move as it happens on the field. With such an exciting atmosphere, no wonder people love attending live sporting events every chance they get.

With the excitement and noise, you might not realise the damage that your hearing is experiencing. It has been proven that sudden and loud noises could negatively affect your hearing. Adults choose to go to these very loud sporting events, even though they get that dull feeling in their ears long after the match is done. This is even worse for children and especially infants. The little ones don’t get to choose as the adults do, and permanent hearing damage could be the result of little ones going to these very loud events if they don’t have the proper hearing protection.

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It is well known that the pounding noise and ear-piercing cheers enhance the excitement and fun of the sporting event for adults. However, for children and infants, those same noises could be scary, overwhelming and sometimes painful. The good news is that with properly fitted hearing protection, children and infants can relax and take in the event and their ears are protected at the same time from permanent hearing loss that could have occurred if their ears were not properly protected.

You might want to protect your children and infants from very loud sporting events by not taking them at all. However, there is no fun in doing that. You don’t have to keep them away from these exciting events as long as you provide those little eardrums with the proper protection. Good protection for the ears provides a buffer between the sensitive parts deep inside your child’s ears and the loud external noises.

The idea is to enjoy the noise and the experience is a safe manner. This is why you need to pack hearing protection your children when you are also packing the big foam fingers, blankets, cushions, water and other essentials for the big game. Even the adults should protect their own ears with earplugs. When you have good hearing in your later years, you’ll be glad you took that step.

In terms of protecting the hearing of children and infants, Banz is a great choice. Banz’ hearing protection earmuffs are excellent at providing protection to your little one’s ears while experiencing all the fun. Furthermore, Banz earmuffs are fully portable and are easy to pack with your other big game necessities.