Ava Fertility Wristband

With this new “Fitbit for Fertility”, you can find out when your ideal time to get pregnant will be.

Since the launch of the Apple Watch, many years ago, technology has taken a leap forward. Some wristbands can be used to answer calls, others can track health and fitness related data, and now there’s a wristband to help ease the pregnancy process.

The Ava wristband, one of most innovative tech products of 2017, was recently launched in the UK and helps women to pinpoint when their ideal time to get pregnant is going to be. In order to do this, the wristband tracks a range of different physiological factors (from breathing rate to heart rate, to average body temperature). The device received US FDA approval in 2021, making it the only FDA-cleared wearable fertility tracker.

Each of the factors which are taken into consideration with the Ava wristband are known to change when reproductive hormone levels rise, indicating an optimal point for fertility. While you are asleep, the wristband will collect over 3 million units of data – a huge number which provides as accurate a reading as possible.

This wristband is designed for use throughout the night and is synced with a mobile app where the collected data is stored.

Given how much data the wristband collects, claims say that it is capable of detecting as many as 5 fertile days each month (or per ovarian cycle). You can even use the device at the same time as other fertility tracking methods such as ovulation strips.

Ava wristband is a product which has been developed and designed by Ava, a medical tech company from Switzerland. The wristband is currently available in the United States and as of recently, is available in the UK.

According to a clinical study which was conducted by the University Hospital of Zurich, the Ava wristband is capable of detecting roughly 5 days of fertility per ovarian cycle and is close to 90% accurate. They are also conducting a second clinical study which is expected to be published later in the year.

According to Lea Von Bidder, the co-founder of Ava and a key contributor to this innovative product, fertility tracking is just the first of many amazing products that Ava have to offer – indicating that Ava plan on advancing their existing pregnancy monitoring software and algorithms in the future.

How Much is an Ava Wristband and Where Can I Get One?

Ava wristbands are a relatively new product and have only recently become available in the UK – previously being launched in the US. From the Ava wristband site, you can order a wristband for £249 which for a lot of people might seem like an expensive investment, but consider how much you’ve already spent on pregnancy tests and such – it’s worth it in the long run and will save you money.

This wristband is also helpful for monitoring your body after you’ve gotten pregnant too. Stress levels, sleep, and your resting pulse are all monitored.

Even after you’ve given birth you can simply reuse it again if you plan on getting pregnant again in the future!

Can Everyone Use the Ava Wristband?

As with all pregnancy related products, there are a few limitations to the Ava wristband.

Firstly, if your ovarian cycle is frequently longer than 35 days or less than 24 days, you may not receive an accurate reading from the wristband. Secondly, if you experience PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), then the wristband might not be as accurate.

Have you used an Ava wristband before? Let us know what you thought about this product, how accurate of a reading it gave you, and whether or not it enhanced your ability to get pregnant.

This post first appeared in 2017 and has been updated since.

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