Wilko Pregnancy Test Strips Review

Wilko is a British high-street chain store which offers household goods and homewares at good-value prices. Wilko also offers a limited range of healthcare products, including fertility and pregnancy products. In this review we look at the pro and cons of using Wilko Pregnancy Test Strips.

Wilko Pregnancy Test Strips

First impressions of this product are good, as the packaging is attractive. One box of Wilko pregnancy test strips contains three, individually wrapped pregnancy test strips. You will also find a comprehensive instruction leaflet in the box too.

Box of Three Wilko Pregnancy Test Strips

2022 Wilko Pregnancy Test Prices

A box of Wilko Pregnancy Tests Strips costs £1.55. This works out at nearly 52p per strip, which would seem to be good value. (Note: The price has gone up by 10p per pack from when we first wrote this review in 2019!) In comparison, just down the high street and you will find that a pack of 5 Boots Pregnancy Test Strips cost £4.99, which is nearly a pound each!

Wilko Pregnancy Test Strips can also be bought online from the company’s website. The online price is the same as in store, £1.55. However, the standard delivery charge is £5, and the next day delivery option is a massive £8!

Wilko also offer Pregnancy Test Sticks, which are the familiar “pee on a stick” type pregnancy tests. These work out cheaper than test strips but may prove to be more convenient or reliable for many women.

If we are just looking at strips though, Zoom Baby pregnancy test strips work out a bit cheaper than the Wilko ones. If you are going to be testing regularly, you may want to buy a 40 Pack of Pregnancy Test Strips which works out at less than 40p per test.

20mIU Sensitivity

All pregnancy test strips are designed to detect the pregnancy hormone, human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), in urine. Wilko Pregnancy Tests strips are sensitive to 20mIU of hCG. This makes them slightly more sensitive than a regular pregnancy tests strip, but only half as sensitive as Zoom Baby Early Pregnancy Test Strips which have a cut-off of 10mIU of hCG (Note: The lower the number, the more sensitive the test is)

Problem – only 2.5mm Wide Test Strips

The big drawback with the Wilko Pregnancy Tests Strips is something that you would not determine by just looking at the packet. The problem is, the actual test strips are only 2.5mm wide.  This is not ideal.

2.5mm Wide - wilko Pregnancy Test Strips

In order to make the test results easy to read and interpret, the test need to be a little bit wider. We make sure that all Zoom Baby test strips are at least 3.5mm wide for easy interpretation of results. We would never offer or recommend 2.5mm test strips. In our, 2.5mm is not wide enough and it is not worth buying tests that are this thin as you may end up using more tests than you should do, making it a false economy.

In Conclusion

We love the packing and the instructions that come with these pregnancy test strips. The price is also very good, particularly when compared to the offer from other high street competitors. However we cannot understand why Wilko would only make these in 2,5mm strips. Is it to cut costs?  Either way, we would never recommend using such thin strips for interpretation of pregnancy test results. For this reason we suggest that you stick with Zoom Baby Regular Pregnancy Test Strips or Zoom Baby Early Pregnancy Test Strips. Both offer similar, if not better, value for money but in a wider 3.5mm strip.

This post first appeared in December 2019. Prices correct at time of publication.
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