Wilko Pregnancy Test Sticks Review

Wilko is a well known homewares and household goods store that you will find on the high street in many British towns and cities. The company also includes a wide range of branded and own-brand healthcare products in their offer. Wilko Pregnancy Test Sticks is one product in this range and in this blog post we look into the pros and cons when using these high street pregnancy tests.

Wilko Pregnancy Test Sticks

When you see the product on the shelf, you cannot help to be impressed. The packaging of the product is great and the instructions, once you open the packet, are comprehensive. In each box you will find two, individually wrapped Wilko pregnancy test sticks.

wilko pregnancy tests sticks review

A box of Wilko Pregnancy Tests Sticks costs £1.00, which is an amazingly low price. That means that each test cost just 50p. To give you an idea as to how this compares to other offers on the high street, Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Tests work out £1.80 each, whilst Boots Pregnancy Tests are £2.50 each.

So, these tests are really cheap but are they any good. Once again, we must ask, are cheap pregnancy tests reliable?

These are not Early Pregnancy Tests!

Before we get onto the actual reviews of the Wilko Pregnancy Test Sticks, we need to point one thing out. In our opinion these tests do not qualify as Early Pregnancy Tests!

All pregnancy tests are designed to detect the pregnancy hormone hcG. To do this they have a cut-off number which is an indication of how much hcG is needed to produce a positive pregnancy test. The lower the number of the cut-off, the more sensitive a test is.  Cut-off levels for pregnancy tests normally can range between 10 mIU/ml and 50 mIU/mll.

These Wilko Pregnancy Test Sticks only have a cut-off of 20 mIU/ml. The Wilko instructions suggest that these tests can be used up to four days before our expected period. We would dispute this.

In our opinion, an Early Pregnancy Test needs to have a much lower cut-off if it is to be used 4-6 days before your period. Zoom Baby Early Pregnancy Tests have a cut-off of just 10 mIU/ml which is ideal.  They are also the same one that are used by the NHS, which means you can trust that they are reliable.

Wilko Pregnancy Test Sticks

Online reviews of the Wilko Pregnancy Test Sticks are not conclusive. Some ladies have found them to be okay. Others are confused as they have experienced faint lines on the pregnancy test and they wonder if this is a positive test or not. Some users of these tests worry that they have had a false positive pregnancy test result, particularly if the follow it up with a Clearblue or First Response test and get a different result.

How do these compare to other high street tests?

How do Wilko pregnancy tests compare to other high street pregnancy tests? At Zoom Baby we are constantly testing and comparing the different types of tests that you can find in the shops. Our latest “head-to-head” reviews are listed below:

  1. Best Pregnancy Test – Sainsbury’s v Wilko

What Your View?

Feedback from people that have first hand experience of using these tests is important to us as it means that we can update this article to provide the most balanced review we can of Wilko Pregnancy Test Sticks.

Want to let us know how you got on? Please contact us! Even better, sends us a picture of your results via Twitter or Facebook!

This post first appeared in January 2020. It has been updated in 2021.
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