Clear & Simple Early Response Pregnancy Test Review

The Clear & Simple Early Response Pregnancy Test is a midstream test that detects the presence of the pregnancy hormone, human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), in urine. It is a budget-price, high street pregnancy test.

Even if a woman is not pregnant, she will have a level of hCG in her urine. Normally this is at a level of about 5mIU. If a woman falls pregnant, the levels of hCG will increase. It is this rapid rise in hCG levels that is picked up by a pregnancy test.

On the day of her missed period, a pregnant woman will have an hCG concentration about 100mIU, which should be easily detected by all pregnancy tests.

According to the instructions, the Clear & Simple Early Response Pregnancy Test can detect pregnancy as early as six days before the date of your expected period. The test is sensitive to 10mIU of hCG. The most reliable results from this test will be achieved when you take the test on the first day after your expected period.

Note: Because of it’s low cut-off level, this type of pregnancy test is considered to be an early pregnancy test. Clear & Simple also offer a regular pregnancy test, which is designed to be used on the day of your expected period.\

Advantage and Disadvantages

When it comes to detecting pregnancy, there are a variety of options available. One such option is an early pregnancy test such as this one, which offers the ability to detect pregnancy as early as six days before an expected period. While this can be a desirable feature for those who are anxious to know if they are pregnant, there are also potential downsides to consider, such as the possibility of inaccurate results and increased stress and anxiety. Briefly, the advantages and disadvantages of early pregnancy tests are as follows:


  • Can detect pregnancy as early as six days before expected period
  • Sensitive to 10mIU of hCG
  • Provides early detection for those who are anxious to know
  • Can also be used as a regular pregnancy test for those who prefer to wait until the day of their expected period


  • May not provide accurate results if taken too early
  • May cause unnecessary stress and anxiety if taken too early or if a false positive is given
  • A regular pregnancy test may be just as effective and less expensive
  • Not all women ovulate on a regular schedule, making it difficult to predict when to take the test for accurate results.

How Much Does a Clear & Simple Early Response Pregnancy Test Cost?

The Clear & Simple Pregnancy Test is priced very competitively, making it a cheap, budget test. That’s not to say that it is not reliable when used correctly but it is one of the lowest priced tests on the market. It can be bought in a single test pack for just 99p in Savers stores. Otherwise, it can also be bought online at Amazon through various vendors.

Clear & simple Pregnancy Test Costs 99p

Clear & Simple Early Response Pregnancy Test Instructions

The instructions supplied with the test seem to be clear and comprehensive. Also, there is a Pregnancy Test FAQ section on the instruction leaflet which answer some common questions.

Faulty Clear & Simple Pregnancy Tests

In 2018, the company was rocked by a product recall, issued by the Chinese manufacturer of the Clear & Simple Digital Pregnancy Test. 58,000 of the company’s pregnancy tests, from one batch had to be taken off of the market. Healthpoint Ltd, the UK supplier of these tests, said on their website that some of the tests were were giving inaccurate results. Online forums suggested that users had been experiencing false positive results when using the tests.

Although we must clearly point out that these tests are a different type to the Clear and Simple Pregnancy Tests in this review, it is plain that this incident severely affected the brand name of Clear & Simple in the UK market.


Claire wrote on 14/02/2021 – “I done a 6 days early clear and simple pregnancy test and got 2 lines?”

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