Tracking Apps: Great News for Women Trying to Conceive

Today, there are apps available for almost everything, and tech companies are acutely aware of the potential growth for apps in the area of female fertility. Fertility tracking apps have become extremely popular and there are certainly many of them out there to choose from. In this post we’ll take a look at some of the more popular apps, in particular apps that track your periods and those that assist in predicting your peak fertile periods; ultimately helping you achieve your dreams of conceiving a baby.

Clearblue Connected Ovulation Test System

The Clearblue Connected Ovulation Test System has been receiving a lot of publicity in recent times. Being a Clearblue product it has a great name behind it and it makes great claims as to how it can help you to get pregnant.

The system requires you to test your urine once a day. When you are alerted by the app to your “High Fertility” days, you will need to get down to business! A smiley face on the test window indicates that your LH surge has been identifeid and that the next two days are your most fertile one of that cycle.

The marketing blurb for the connected system says that it will double your chances of getting pregnant in the first cycle of use. Also it will help you to identify 4 or more fertile days every cycle. This is done by tracking two fertility hormones simultaneously. The system also boldly claims that it is 99% accurate in identifying a woman’s LH surge.

The smart reminders on this app will be useful for some women. The app will send you a reminder as to when you should start testing. You can also set your own perosnal reminders

Understanding your fertility will help you to get pregnant quicker. This app allows you to log when your periods take place and also when you have sex. This information can be compared, cycle by cycle, to give you a clearer idea of how your body is working.

The Clearblue Connected app can be downloaded from your app store and is available for Phone and Android. The app has plenty of reviews on the Google Play  app store. Have a read of those before deciding if this system is the one for you.

Full instructions of how to use the Clearblue Connected app can be downloaded here.

Breathe Ilo

Breathe Ilo is a fertility tracker that allows you to track your cycle naturally and discover when you are ready to conceive. It uses breathe analysis to accurately predict your fertile days. All that is required is that you spend one minute of breathing into the breathe ilo device everyday. Your readings are then logged and the breathe ilo smartphone app shows you your fertility status. Based on your daily CO2 measurement and individual cycle patterns, breathe ilo‘s system quickly identifies where you are in your cycle with incredible accuracy

The breathe ilo handheld device can be purchased from Zoom Baby, along with optional extras such as the breathe ilo travel bag.

Groove Period Tracker

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The Groove Fertility and Period Tracker is a very intuitive and easy-to-use app. The Groove app harnesses advanced algorithms to teach you about your body and helps you achieve your goals by predicting your next period. In addition to recording your periods, it tracks your temperature, cervical mucus, cervical position, and when you last had sex. Using these patterns it helps predict your most fertile time.

Clue Period Tracker

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The Clue Period Tracker has been around for approximately five years and this fertility tracking app removes the mystery about female fertility. It’s very simple to track your period and general health with Clue because this handy app helps you learn about your own unique menstrual cycle. Considered by many to be one of the best fertility tracking apps available, Clue is not only very easy to use, it can be loaded onto most smartphones.

My Cycles Period Tracker

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My Cycles Period and Ovulation Tracker is another personalized app designed to teach you about your own specific fertility cycle. With My Cycles you can track the start of your cycle, your period, your fertile window, and your ovulation day. A quick glance at the home screen will clearly show your fertile window and ovulation day. My Cycles also tracks your symptoms and moods to enable you to better understand your complete cycle.

The Fitbit Watch “Versa” Tracking App

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Fitbit’s “Versa” has been developed with a female health tracking app so women can track their periods and menstrual cycle, thus allowing them to predict ovulation and their next period. Perhaps the bonus with this period tracking app is that users will no longer require separate apps: they’ll be able to incorporate all data about their cycles, bodies, and minds into the wider Fitbit ecosystem. With Versa users can not only log their period information, they can record symptoms like cramps, headaches, acne, and so on. And, the longer the data is logged, the more accurate the app becomes at predicting and personalizing a woman’s cycle.

Ava Bracelet

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Whilst on the subject of wearable tech, we’ve mentioned the Ava bracelet before. This fertility wristband is only worn at night and during that time it collects millions of data points from nine physiological parameters, which it sends to your smartphone. When you wake up, you can check the graphs and see if it’s the best time to try and conceive. Research carried out with the University of Zurich in 2018 gave this device 89% accuracy in detecting 5.3 fertile days.

Flo Period Tracker

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Launching in 2015, the Flo Period Tracker covers all aspects of female health, particularly for those women who have irregular periods. Flo users sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence to accurately predict when you’ll likely get your period. Whilst Flo has access to overall statistics and basic rules that apply to the more than 7 million women who use this app, it still ensures that every woman is treated as an individual, with their own unique characteristics and lifestyle.

Natural Cycles Fertility App

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Natural Cycles is a smart phone app that not only predicts a woman’s fertile days, it can also be used for contraception. This particular app closely tracks a woman’s cycle and temperature and is therefore able to be used not only for planning pregnancy, but also to designate when it is safe or unsafe to have unprotected sex. On unsafe days the user is advised to use barrier methods of protection. Natural Cycles also incorporates a digital thermometer for temperature monitoring. Using a digital thermometer to measure basal temperature can greatly improve the accuracy of determining a woman’s fertile time.

Ovia Fertility

Ovia Fertility tracks your period, symptoms, moods, and more, It promises accurate predictions for period and ovulation. The customised fertility graph and ovulation calendar that includes along with detail assessment, are user-friendly in this app that could be synced with Fitbit, Jawbone and also Withings in addition to apps like Ovia Pregnancy and MyFitnessPal.

Ovia Fertility allows viewers to complete a comprehensive diary to obtain a deeper knowledge about their reproductive well-being and a hard copy could be printed for the doctor if needed. Symptoms, moods, actions, sleep and blood pressure levels, along with the amount of food and alcohol ingested.

Glow Fertility

The Glow Fertility app will provide you with your day by day likelihood of getting pregnant in addition to health suggestions and guidelines. When you sign up, it provides you with the choice to ‘choose a journey’ – if you’re attempting to get pregnant, avoid getting pregnant or want assistance with controlling your fertility drugs. It is possible to sync with Misfit, MyFitnessPal as well as Fitbit for details on diet and calories as well. Besides having the ability to interact with your lover with the app, it provides day to day reports and health strategies for males as well, allowing them to monitor their sleep duration, physical fitness and distance to warm temperatures, which apparently are important in conception.


Wink is an oral basal body thermometer that claims to take temperature four times quicker compared to regular thermometers. The alarm is vibrating instead of ringing which indicates it is time for the user to take their temperature. This is a useful feature for a partner that is sleeping.
It is made to work with the popular Kindara app for iOS and Android, and wirelessly sync data to provide immediate details into the user’s reproductive health. Women have access to customised data on the app to assist with them getting pregnant. It also tracks their sexual activity and health issues and link with other people who offer support.


YONO in-ear ovulation predictor. To get a basal thermometer’s most accurate reading, the user must take their temperature daily at the same time. This could be challenging with underarm or oral thermometers, however, the in-ear basal thermometer tracks the basal temperature constantly since it can be worn all night. As a result, even if the user falls asleep, they won’t have to worry about the silicon-covered earbud or about waking up at a specific time to take temperature readings. The data collected is sent via Bluetooth to the Yono smartphone app when it is in the base station. Furthermore, it only has to be charged once weekly.


Daysy is a fertility tracker that uses the fertility awareness method by learning and tracking your menstrual cycle.

Following each temperature reading, the woman’s fertility data is displayed on this oral basal body thermometer built-in screen. Fertile displays red and infertile displays green and is ideal for those with busy schedules. It has an advanced temperature sensor with the ability to detect one-hundredth of a degree, or so it claims. The Lady-comp algorithm is included and it has an impressive history of over 28 years and claims an effective rate of 99.3%. It was made to work with the iPhone’s DaysyView app and with time it learns the user’s cycle pattern by analysing and storing info.

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