5 Reasons to Trust Conceive Plus Reviews

A vital part of the conception process is fertility support. This is equally true for those that are just beginning to try for a baby and those that have been working at it for some time.

For many couples, fertility lubricants are an essential when making love on a regular basis and trying to get pregnant. However, many people do not know that everyday lubricants have been shown to negatively affect the fertilisation process, often impairing or killing the vital sperm as they make their way towards the egg. This is why it is vitally important that regular lubricants are avoided when trying to conceive.

Now, a fertility friendly personal lubricant is available called Conceive Plus. This special lube is FDA cleared so that you can be assured that it is safe to use. It has been specially formulated to be isotonic. It’s PH range is designed to be compatible with that of sperm, ensuring that the little swimmers are safe and can migrate.

As well as being kind to sperm, Conceive Plus also offers all the benefits of a traditional lubricant. It provides comfort for intimate sexual activity and supplements the body’s natural lubrication, thus making it pleasurable for couples to regularly have intercourse as part of the process of getting pregnant naturally.

Conceive Plus Reviews

This fertility friendly lubricant has been receiving rave reviews and is really easy to use. But can the Conceive Plus reviews be trusted. Does Conceive Plus deliver when it comes to helping women getting pregnant quicker and naturally? In this article we look at 5 reasons why the Conceive Plus Reviews might be worth all the hype ans why you should start using Conceive Plus.

Five reasons to believe Conceive Plus reviews

1. Conceive Plus is FDA cleared for couples trying to conceive

This fertility lubricant was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2013, That means that it’s safe to use and won’t harm or impair sperm on their mission, unlike traditional lubricants. Knowing this means that you can relax and just enjoy the ride, if you pardon the pun!

2. Works with sperm, oocytes and helps embryo development

Scientifically formulated to be compatible with sperm, Conceive Plus has earned many rave reviews from couples and medical professionals. But you do not need to believe the Conceive Plus reviews on their own. A number of clinical studies have been carried out that show that Conceive Plus does not impair or damage sperm, embryos, oocytes in the process of fertilisation.

3. Conceive Plus is pH balanced

Many Conceive Plus reviews mention that it is formulated to mimic fertile cervical fluids. This is indeed the case – the pH balance is set so that it is safe for sperm. The isotonic level of Conceive Plus is also kind to sperm and less irritating than regular lubricants. These factors also mean that it will not damage sperm DNA integrity.

4. Contains Calcium & Magnesium Ions

Just like all bodily fluids and cells, Conceive Pus contain Calcium and Magnesium ions. These are the very same ions that can also be found in human semen and cervical fluids. Calcium and magnesium are vitally important for the survival and function of sperm and eggs.

Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant is the ONLY fertility friendly lubricant that is formulated with these important ingredients and has been shown to be safe for use by TTC (trying-to-conceive) couples.

5. Shown to Ensure Sperm Safety

Clinical studies have shown that Conceive Plus’s unique formulation can help maintain sperm viability, sperm motility and be safe for embryo development, Many of these studies have been published in scientific reports that mean you don’t need to just trust the Conceive Plus reviews you might read on the internet.

For example, data was provided to the 2009 Annual Meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and was later printed in the medical journal Fertility and Sterility, volume 92, issue 2.

Where to buy Conceive Plus

Conceive Plus is currently sold in 4 different variations. At Zoom Baby we offer all four so that you can choose the option that is best suited for you. Follow the links below to visit the product pages for each item and to review the Conceive Plus reviews that have been left by our customers. We always strive to offer the cheapest prices we can on Conceive Plus. buying online from zoom Baby should work out cheaper than buying from Boots or Superdrug.

All of our Conceive Plus is sourced straight from the manufacturer. This ensures that we have fresh product, that has a long expiry date. (You will may also notice the new Conceive Plus packaging which was launched in 2020)

Conceive Plus 75ml Tube

The original 75ml tube of fertility lubricant is still the most popular with Zoom Baby customers.

Conceive Plus 75ml Boots

Conceive Plus 30ml Tube

The original 75ml tube of fertility lubricant is still the most popular with Zoom Baby customers. This size of tube will be good for a few months of trying and allows the man or the woman to apply as much, or as little, of the fertility lubricant as they need at any time. The best choice for maximum flexibility.

Conceive Plus – 8 Pre-Filled Applicators

Conceive Plus can also be bought in a pack that contains 8 pre-filled applicators. These applicators are designes to aid intra-vaginal se of the product. Simply squeeze the bulb end of the applicator to dispense the lubricant into the vagina. normally we recommend that this is done 1015 minutes before sexual activity to allow the lubricant to disperse throughout the vagina.

If you read some of the Conceive Plus reviews on our website, you will see that the 8 Pack of Conceive Plus is also a popular choice.

Conceive Plus 8 x 4g Pack

Conceive Plus – 3 Pre-Filled Applicators

The pre-filled applicators can also be bought in a smaller three pack. Once again this size is great for those who just want to try the product out or are planning to take some Conceive Plus away with them on a trip but want to travel lightly.

Conceive Plus Reviews at Zoom Baby

We hope that you are convince that Conceive Plus is the ideal choice for a sperm-friendly fertility lubricant. If you buy Conceive Plus here at Zoom Baby you can be sure that you are getting the freshest product from an official Conceive Plus distributor. All orders are shipped promptly using First Class Mail to the UK and the Rest Of The World. We also ship out in plan, discreet packaging so that you can even get the items sent to your work address in complete confidence and privacy.

If you do purchase from our website, please don’t forget to leave some feedback and help grow our list of Conceive Plus reviews. You never know, your advice and observations may well help another couple to have a baby!

Good luck with Conceive Plus from Zoom Baby!

  • This post was first published in 2015. Last updated: 21st October 2020.
  • Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash