How To Use Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant

Couples who want to get pregnant can increase their chances by using the Conceive Plus, a sperm-friendly lubricant that includes Magnesium and Calcium Ions to aid in the conception process.

The lubricant comes with pre-filled applicators and a multi-use tube, which should be used simultaneously for maximum effect. One applicator should be used up to 15 minutes before sexual intercourse with the other being used during intercourse (as a lubricant).

Using The Multi-Use Tube

Conceive Plus 75ml Tube

Make sure to take the safety seal under the cap before you first use it. Put a small amount of the lubricant either on the penis or in the vagina, reapplying if necessary to maintain lubrication.

Using The Pre-Filled Applicators

Conceive Plus 8 Applicator Pack

Take the applicator out of the box. The applicator should be held at the narrow end, pointing upwards. Twist the tab off and throw it away. Carefully, put the narrow end inside the vagina fairly deep and without hurting yourself. Squeeze the bulb three times to ensure the Conceive Plus lubricant gets into the vaginal cavity. While still squeezing the lubricant, carefully remove the applicator from the vagina and throw it away.

Allow for 15 minutes before you engage in sexual intercourse for the lubricant to apply itself to the vagina and cervix.  You can use another applicator to increase the moisture.

Use only one applicator per use – do not store after opening or reuse them. If the tamper evident seal has been removed, do not use. Instead, throw it away.

Using Conceive Plus For Clinical Means

The Conceive Plus fertility lubricant helps to lubricate the tissues in the vagina so therapeutic or diagnostic devices can be easily guided into the vagina. If a sterile product must be used, the provided applicators should not be because they are not sterile. Be sure to follow the directions on the Conceive Plus box to place the lubricant in the vagina, using a preferred amount before inserting devices.

How To Use Conceive Plus With Condoms

Although Conceive Plus is designed for trying couples, it can also be used by couples using condoms. The ingredients of Conceive Plus will work with both polyurethane and natural rubber latex condoms.  It should not be used with condoms made of synthetic polyisoprene. Never apply the product right to the condom using the pre-filled applicator. Instead, with clean fingertips, spread the gel around its surface.

What You Need To Be Mindful Of

  • Conceive Plus should not be considered a method of contraceptive, as it’s designed to aid in the conception process.
  • Do not continue using if you experience irritation. Talk to your doctor if the irritation continues.
  • Store away from children.
  • Store the product in temperatures of 36 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Applicators are one-time use only
  • Avoid using if the tamper-evident tab is missing or broken.
  • Do not use after the product has expired (the date can be found on both the display carton and applicator crimp)
  • Not made for use with synthetic polyisoprene condoms
  • Clean spills up right away, as the gel is very slippery.


Using syringes to apply lubricant can raise the chance of a bacterial infection, which can hinder your chances of getting pregnant and may even lead to a miscarriage should you become pregnant. Only use the pre-filled applicators that come with the Conceive Plus product to ensure your safety while trying to get pregnant. They are easy to use and very convenient.

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