Can You Buy Conceive Plus at Boots?

In the UK, Boots is the first choice for many when it comes to buying personal healthcare products on the high street. This famous high street brand offers many thousands of products. Some are obvious, some less so. But a question we are sometimes asked is, Can You Buy Conceive Plus at Boots?

Fertility Products at Boots

Conceive Plus is a fertility-friendly lubricant which has been available for a few years now.Whereas “normal” lubricants can actually lower fertility and actually work as spermicides, Conceive Plus has been designed to mimic ovulation fluids and banish vaginal dryness. The product has helped many women when they endeavoured to become pregnant in recent years.

Boots The Chemist offers a limited range of fertility products. We have talked in previous blog posts about Boots Pregnancy Test Strips and Boots Midstream Pregnancy Tests. We also know that they do stock a competing fertility lubricant, Pre-Seed. What about Conceive Plus? Well, the answer is yes, you can but Conceive Plus at Boots!

Buy Conceive Plus at Boots

Conceive Plus Boots

There are two variants of Conceive Plus stocked at Boots presently.

Conceive Plus 75ml Tube

If Boots were going to stock one Conceive Plus product, it would be this. For many ladies, the Conceive Plus 75ml multi-use tube they need. Boots also sell this product online, as well as in store. In both places, the tube retails for £17.99. When buying online, you will need to add another £3.50 onto the cost of the Boots price in order to pay for postage.

As of June 2021, this product was not in stock, online at You may also struggle to buy it in-store, due to manufacturing shortages. Zoom Baby, on the other hand, continues to have stock!

Conceive Plus 75ml Boots

In comparison, Zoom Baby offers the 75ml Conceive Plus at just £16.99. Sometimes we will offer it at even cheaper price when we have a special promotion. Also regular Zoom Baby customer receive a special discount code which can reduce this price by up to 15%!

Finally, when you realise that Zoom Baby also offers free delivery on orders over £20, our offer looks even more amazing! Many customers add a few pregnancy tests onto their order to qualify for free delivery. You’re going to need them anyway aren’t you?

Before using Conceive Plus, we always recommend that ladies refer to our guide on how to use Conceive Plus, in order to get the best our of the product.

Conceive Plus 8 x 4g applicators

Boots also stocks the other popular version of Conceive Plus, the 8 x 4g applicator pack. The retail price is similar to ours but, buying Conceive Plus 8 x 4g applicators from Zoom Baby is often the best option as we offer free first class delivery and discount codes for regular customers.

Conceive Plus Applicators Boots

The 8 x 4g applicators packs are always in stock at Zoom Baby. At Boots, they are not. When we checked online in June 2021, these packs were out of stock.

Have You Tried Pre-Seed?

A good alternative to Conceive Plus is Pre-Seed and we are often asked  Which Is Better, Pre-Seed or Conceive Plus? Essentially they are very similar products and which one you choose often comes down to personal preference. Pre-Seed get very good reviews from customers and it is very easy to use, so it is definitely worth considering. It is often cheaper than Conceive Plus. Boots  also stock Pre-Seed, but more often than not, it works out cheaper to buy your Pre-Seed from Zoom Baby.

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This post first appeared in 2019 and has been updated since.

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