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Pre-Seed Reviews 2020

When you are in the market for a fertility lubricant, Pre-Seed is often the first product you might consider. After all, pre-seed lubricant has helped thousands of couples around the world to get pregnant. This lube has many online reviews, customer reviews and product testimonials. But, is it really as good as those reviews would suggest?

Pre-Seed Reviews 2020

In this blog post, we will be looking at the Pre-Seed reviews in 2020. Much has changed with the product in the last couple of years. In the UK, Pre-Seed was formerly produced by a company called Babystart and came in a distinctive pink and white packaging. Last year, this all changed and the lube became a First Response product (yes, the same brand behind the First Response Pregnancy Test)

As we go into 2020, we will be focussing on the reviews behind the product by looking at what customers are saying online after using Pre-Seed.

Why Use Pre-Seed?

Pre-Seed was first developed in the USA by a sperm physiologist. The aim was to produced a lube that was sperm friendly and could be used as an aid to conception.

Once launched, clinical studies backed up the claims behind Pre-Seed. It was proven to not damage sperm or development of the embryo. It was also found to be safe to use in pregnancy.

Pre-Seed lube was designed for use whenever you have sex, but particularly for use when trying for a baby. Importantly, the lube is pleasant to the touch, which makes it fun to use.

As people got to know Pre-Seed, the plaudits started to arrive. Tony Weschler was a major factor here. She wrote an international bestselling book called ‘Taking Charge Of Your Fertility’. In it, she specifically recommended Pre-Seed.

Pre-Seed Reviews on Amazon

A lot of people buy their Pre-Seed from Amazon, rather than from Zoom Baby (boo!). That’s fair enough but you might find that buying from Zoom Baby is cheaper, we often are cheaper than the big boys. Anyway, we digress….

Looking at the reviews you will see that the product has 472 rating. 73% of those reviews are 5 Star Reviews, which is quite amazing really. Looking through the quotes from customers, we can see that Pre-Seed has a lot of fans.

pre-seed amazon reviews

Some examples from Amazon:
“Pregnant in 2 months”
“got pregnant first time”
“I can vouch for all the brilliant reviews”
“it really does work”
“after over a year of trying and pregnant after the first few times of using it”

Pre-Seed Reviews at Boots

As many will now be aware, you can buy Pre-Seed at Boots but if you go hunting for reviews, you will be disappointed. The Boots website does not have any Pre-Seed Review, or any reviews at all, in fact. You will also be disappointed by the price, it’s over £3 a pack more expensive than at Zoom Baby!

Pre-Seed Reviews at Superdrug

You can also buy Pre-Seed at Superdrug. Once again it’s expensive when bought there and reviews are sparse. In fact. there is only 1 review of Pre-Seed on the website. But it is a 5 Star one! The lady who wrote the review explains that she got pregnant straight away after using pre-seed. This was after trying for 5 months to get pregnant.

5 Star Review of Pre-Seed

Zoom Baby Recommends Pre-Seed

The final word is with Zoom Baby and we can honestly say that we love this product. It worked for us too, what more can we say!

We first posted this article in January 2020
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