Freedom Pregnancy Test Review

Freedom is another one of those brands of pregnancy test that you will find at the cheaper end of the market.  The Freedom Pregnancy Test, which we are reviewing here, can be bought in supermarkets, as well as online.  Often, this test is offered as a budget option. For example, you will find it at Asda, sitting alongside the more expensive Asda Pregnancy Test.

Freedom Pregnancy Test

The first thing that strikes you about this test is the packaging. It’s fairly dull and when you open the packet, the test itself is in a plain, unbranded wrapper. There is one small sheet of instructions with these tests, which is printed in red writing on a pink background. This does not make the instructions easy to read.

The manufacturers of these test might want to look at the design of Wilko Pregnancy Test Sticks as a good example of how to package a budget pregnancy test. Similarly, the Clear & Simple Pregnancy Test is another good design.

In the box you get one pregnancy test, this is your typical, wee-on-a-stick midstream pregnancy test.

freedom pregnancy test asda

A single Freedom Pregnancy Test costs £1 at Asda, which is obviously very cheap indeed. To put this into context, Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Tests work out £1.80 each, whilst Boots Pregnancy Tests are £2.50 each. So, it’s a competitive price.

The worry with cheap pregnancy tests though is if are cheap pregnancy tests reliable? We will look at this now and try to figure out if this £1 pregnancy test is the bargain it sets out to be.

Is This An Early Pregnancy Test?

According to the (very hard to read) instructions, this pregnancy test will detect the pregnancy hormone (hcG) at a level of 25 mIU/ml.  This makes it a regular pregnancy test. It cannot be sued for early testing and is designed to be used on the first day of your missed period.

If you are looking to buy an Early Pregnancy Test, which you can use 4-6 days before your period, you can consider one of the more expensive tests from Clearblue or First Response. A budget option would be Zoom Baby Early Pregnancy Tests have a cut-off of just 10mIU/ml and are priced at just £1.29 each. These are exactly the same tests which are currently used by the NHS, which ensures that the results can be trusted.

Is The Freedom Pregnancy Test Any Good?

We’ve scoured the internet for feedback on this so that we could give a balanced feedback.

A few of the threads that we have found in the forums suggest that the Freedom Pregnancy Test might causes problems with false positive results. One lady on Mumsnet got an instant positive when using the freedom pregnancy test. However, when checking the result with a Clearblue Digital Test, she got a clear “Not Pregnant” indication.

Reading further into the thread we can see that the lady was not pregnant, despite the positive result on the cheap pregnancy test, which she described as “bloody awful’.  Closing she said that she would like to see these tests “taken off the shelves yesterday”.

Another user on Babycenter also got an incorrect, positive result with the Freedom Pregnancy Test

Some customers, who bought Freedom pregnancy tests, have contacted us directly to share their opinion after using one of the tests.

Andrea said (July 2021): “I seen some reviews in the freedom pregnancy test I done them had faint lines then I did a few more they was negative left it for a while done another late at night it give me a strong positive I have done other different brand pregnancy tests and none have came up positive all negative my daughter has done the freedom tests and hers was positive aswell and so was all other brands she done she is pregnant I don’t no whether to believe these freedom tests can anyone help please?”

What Your View?

Initial feedback does not seem good for these tests. They may be cheap but the worries about reliability make them next to useless in terms of trust. Or is this wrong?  Please send us your feedback so that we may update this article to offer the most balanced review we can of Freedom Pregnancy Tests..

Want to let us know how you got on? Please contact us! Even better, sends us a picture of your results via Twitter or Facebook!

This post first appeared in January 2020 and has been updated since
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