Asda Pregnancy Test Review

Asda is a British supermarket chain that was founded in 1949. It’s headquarters are in Leeds, West Yorkshire. It is a wholly owned division of Walmart. The company sells it’s own-brand Asda Pregnancy Tests in most stores, alongside tests from brands such as Clearblue and First Response.

How Much Is an Asda Pregnancy Test?

A pack of two of these high street pregnancy tests costs £3.50 at Asda, which is a fairy competitive price for an own-brand test.  The equivalent Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Test costs £3.60, for example. These tests are described as one step tests that are easy to use and offer results in 3 minutes. Like most pregnancy tests they should be over 99% accurate when used correctly.

Asda advise that this is an early pregnancy test. It can be used as early as 4 days before your period is expected.

These Asda pregnancy tests are manufactured by Ciga Healthcare Limited, a company based in Ballymena. Ciga also manufactures it’s own tests under the Suresign brand name.

Asda Pregnancy Test Reviews

These pregnancy tests can be bought online at Asda and the website currently has 41 reviews for the product. Even though theses tests are fairly cheap, we would expect them to be reliable. However many of the reviews on the Asda website are negative, some are very scathing indeed.

Some of the reviews on the website report that the Asda tests gave them a false positive result and the use subsequently found out that they were not pregnant by taking another brand of test or visiting the doctor. This was a distressing experience for many.

Other Asda pregnancy test reviews state that the test results came back as negative when in fact they were pregnant. Many reviewers tell how they only found out they were pregnant after using a Clearblue Pregnancy Test to confirm their suspicions.

Some users report that the tests are not easy to read as they deliver faint lines which are difficult to interpret. Many women are not sure if this is a positive result or not.

In 2018, the Independent newspaper reported on the problem of Asda pregnancy tests giving false positive results. The newspaper claimed that Asda had apologised to one customer.

Generally the negative reviews outweigh the positive reviews which is why we cannot recommend these tests. If you are looking for a cheap pregnancy test with proven reliability, we would always suggest you try our own Zoom Baby Midstream Pregnancy Test.

Asda Pregnancy Test Reviews in 2020

We first reviewed Asda Pregnancy Tests in 2019. As with most of our reviews, we do like to go back and update them as things change and products can be updated or altered.

Looking at the Asda website in October 2020 we can see that their pregnancy test is no longer available to order online (We will need to go in store to check if this is the case in the actual shops)

As we write we can see that their have been 10 new reviews posted in 2020. Unfortunately they are all fairly negative. One reviewer said “It’s a shame you can’t give minus ratings” another said ” These should be banned to save women the heartache.”

The biggest complaint seems to be that the tests report false positives, which is always a heartbreaking even for any women who is hoping to get pregnant. One lady said in a review that she carried out a pregnancy tests, just using water, and still got a positive!

In light of current feedback, it would be amiss of us to recommend the Asda Pregnancy test when there are other reliable pregnancy tests available at a similar or cheaper price.

So what’s the alternative?

At Zoom Baby we sell pregnancy tests and we would love to be able to supply as many ladies as possible with reliable pregnancy tests at attractive prices.

For those that are working to a tight budget, we always recommend our own Midstream Pregnancy Tests or Cassette Pregnancy Tests. The latter are the same ones used by the NHS, which is a great compliment to their reliability. Both of these types of pregnancy test are actually cheaper to buy online from Zoom Baby than they are when buying supermarket tests such as those from Asda, Sainsbury’s or Tesco. They are also cheaper than LloydsSuperdrug or Wilko pregnancy tests.

For those who would like a premium, branded pregnancy test, we always recommend First Response or Clearblue pregnancy tests as being the best option. Once again, these branded tests are cheaper to buy at Zoom Baby than they are in the shops.

This post first appeared in December 2019 and has been updated since.
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