Superdug Pregnancy Test Review

Superdrug is a pharmacy and healthcare store with over 900 outlets in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It is the fourth biggest chemist chain in the UK with many own-brand products.  One of these products is the Superdrug Pregnancy Test which can be found in most stores, sitting on the shelf next to tests from brands such as Clearblue and First Response. In the high street, this test competes against other pharmacy pregnancy tests, such as the Boots Pregnancy Test or the Lloyds Pharmacy Pregnancy Test.

How Much Is an Superdrug Pregnancy Test?

A pack of two Superdrug pregnancy tests costs £4.99. This the same price as as Boots Pregnancy Test. However this is more expensive than a twin pack of Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Tests, which costs £3.60, or two Asda Pregnancy Tests which are priced at £3.50.

The Superdrug Pregnancy Test can also be bought in a one test pack at a price of £3.99.

How To Use This Pregnancy Test

Using one of these high street pregnancy tests is straightforward. This is a one-step, midstream pregnancy test. All a woman needs to do is to wee on the stick and then wait for the results, which should appear within 4 minutes. As with all pregnancy tests, they should be 99% accurate when used correctly.

These tests are marketed as “early pregnancy tests” as they can be used up to 4 days before your period is expected.

This test uses pink lines for results. When you use the test, you may see the following:

Single pink line in oval control window
This means that the test is working correctly. This line should always be present, regardless of whether you are pregnant or not.

No test line in the oval window
If the test results show only one pink line, this is a negative result. You are not pregnant. You are only seeing 1 pink line, the control line.

Pink Line in the oval window
When you see two pink lines, this indicates a positive result. Well done, you are pregnant!

Superdrug Pregnancy Test Reviews

These pregnancy tests can be purchased from Superdug on their website. There are currently 85 reviews (as of 14/12/19) from Superdrug customers and the average score (out of 5) is just 1.6!

The number of reviews are as follows:

  • 5 Star Reviews – 9
  • 4 Star Reviews – 2
  • 3 Star Reviews – 3
  • 2 Star Reviews – 5
  • 1 Star Reviews – 66

A lot of the negative reviews complain about the reliability of the tests. A common complaint is that faint lines or  evaporation lines on the tests make them difficult to interpret.

Other customers complain that the Superdrug tests gave them a false positive result.

The ladies only discovered that they were not pregnant by using a test from another brand of or by going to see the doctor. Many women report how upset they were by this experience.

Superdrug Pregnancy Test Reviews 2021

18 months after first writing this post, we went back to check the reviews and prices for these Superdrug Pregnancy Tests. Oddly all the reviews we saw in 2019 (85 in total) seem to have gone. Now there are only 6 reviews, as of May 22nd 2021.

The number of reviews are as follows:

  • 5 Star Reviews – 1
  • 4 Star Reviews – 0
  • 3 Star Reviews – 0
  • 2 Star Reviews – 0
  • 1 Star Reviews – 5

As can clearly be seen, the old reviews may have gone but the new ones are not much better. Of the 6 reviews left, 5 were 1 star reviews. Oddly, the other review was a glowing 5 star one..


In conclusion, we cannot recommend these tests based on the weight of such strong negative feedback. Instead, if you are looking for an early pregnancy test with high reliability, we would always offer that you try the  Zoom Baby Midstream Pregnancy Test.

This post first appeared in 2019 and has been updated since.

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