The Best Sex Position for Getting Pregnant

The Best Sex Position for Getting Pregnant

When couples want to have a child together, one thing that doesn’t get discussed a lot is the actual positions used during intercourse and their effect on conception. So what is best sex position for getting pregnant?

Are certain positions more likely to result in conception than others?

It’s important to note that there have not been a lot of studies on the relationship between sexual positions and conception but scientists have done MRI imaging to better understand what happens during sex.

One thing is clear, when looking to conceive, you don’t have to pull off any bedroom acrobatics to get pregnant. For best results, utilising a position that allows for deep penetration is recommended so the sperm are closer to the opening of the womb—even the most basic “missionary position” will work.

That said, the MRI image tests showed that there may be a higher chance of conception if sperm is placed in the posterior section of the cervix, which means using a position that allows for vaginal entry from behind. (For example, Doggy style when the woman is on all fours, and her partner enters from behind)

Doggy style may seem to have the edge but conclusively there is no “best” position, so the best advice is enjoy it and mix it up a bit when trying to get pregnant!

Is lying down better when trying to get pregnant?

It’s suggested by some scientists, that lying down is the best sex position for getting pregnant because gravity will allow the sperm to have an easier time reaching the female egg. If the woman is standing up or in a position on top of her partner, the sperm will have to swim against gravity; healthy sperm should have no trouble reaching the egg regardless of position but lying down could increase your chance of conception.

Does having an orgasm affect conception and the chances of pregnancy?

For the male having an orgasm is very critical for impregnation for obvious reason—sperm may leak before climax but male orgasm will greatly increase the chances of conception. Until recently, however, not a lot of importance was placed on female orgasm. Research is now showing that vaginal contractions during female orgasm may help bring sperm into the womb—this requires both partners to orgasm at the same time.

Kama Sutra - Beast Sex Postion For Getting Pregnant

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The Best Sex Position for Getting Pregnant

What do you do after ejaculation?

If you want to further help your chances of conceiving, you should try the following steps after ejaculation:

  1. To prevent ejaculate leaking out of the woman, the man should keep his penis in the vagina as deeply as possible.
  2. Once the penis is withdrawn, the man can help by gently pressing the woman’s labia together to stop any further leakage.
  3. It is advisable that the woman remains on her back for another 20 to 30 minutes if possible. A pillow should be placed under her lower back in order to slightly raise the pelvis.

When the woman gets up, some ejaculate will flow out of her vagina. This is normal and should not be a cause for concern. By this time the sperm in the vagina will be unviable. This reason means that lying on her back for more than 30 minutes is also not recommended, as it won’t help her chances of conception.

Are certain positions better if we want a boy or girl?

No scientific research to date has conclusively proven that any particular position makes any difference in the gender of your child.

How often should my partner and I have intercourse?

Timing is one of the most important factors when it comes to conception and should be given greater attention than which position may be better. To increase the likelihood of pregnancy having intercourse the first few days before ovulation and on the day you ovulate is recommended.

By charting your ovulation cycle you will be able to confirm the day you ovulate; there are also ovulation test kits available that can be used to determine the best days for intercourse.

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