Sainsbury's Pregnancy Test Reviews

Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Test Review

Sainsbury’s is a well-known UK supermarket chain that was founded in 1869, by John James Sainsbury. It’s the third biggest supermarket in the country with a market share of just over 15%. In this article we look at a product that can be found in the healthcare section of this supermarket, the Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Test.

How Much Is a Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Test?

A pack of two of these high street pregnancy tests costs £3.60 at Sainsbury’s, which seems quite a reasonable price. (An equivalent Asda Pregnancy Test costs £3.50.)

We are not sure which company produces the pregnancy tests for Sainsbury’s but we can see from their website that they are made in China and packed in Poland.

How To Use This Pregnancy Test

This type of pregnancy tests in commonly known as a midstream pregnancy test.  This type of test simply requires you to pee on the stick and then wait for the required time for the results.

This test uses a blue, colour code graphic for results. When you use the test, you may see the following:

Single blue line in control window
This means that the test is working correctly. This line should always be present, regardless of whether you are pregnant or not.

A single horizontal line (-) in the test window
This is a minus sign and it indicates a negative results, meaning that you are not pregnant.

A blue plus (+) sign in the test window
The presence of a blue plus sign indicates a positive result, congratulations you are pregnant!

How Accurate Is The Test?

The Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Test has an accuracy of over 99% and can be trusted to give reliable results on the day of your expected period and beyond.

When you take the test too early, the accuracy of it is lower.

The level of accuracy increases as hCG increases. The hCG hormone doubles after every 48 hours.

When can you use it?

According to the Sainsbury’s website listing for this product, these pregnancy tests can be used to test up to 4 days before your period is due.

In tests a positive pregnancy results was detected in 87% of women who tested 1 day before their expected period. This figure drops to 84% for those that tested two days before. Women who tested 3 days before had a 74% chance of a correct positive pregnancy test. Results of tests taken 4 days before were just 53% successful in detecting a positive pregnancy.

Are Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Tests any good?

What do you think? We value the opinions of our readers and will publish any feedback you give use. Certainly, many women in the UK use a Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Test, with mixed degrees of satisfaction. A forum thread about Sainsbury’s pregnancy tests on asked, “Are they a load of crap?” What do you think? Contact us to give us your views on the Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Test.

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