Best Pregnancy Test – Sainsbury’s v Tesco

In our latest head-to-head product review we compare to of the leading pregnancy tests that you might find on the high street. If you want to know more about either tests, please read one or botho f our in-depth reviews:

Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Test Review
Tesco Pregnancy Test Review

Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Test or Tesco Pregnancy Test?

Which is best?


Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Test
£3.60 buys you a pack of two Sainsbury’s pregnancy tests. That equals £1.80 per test.
Tesco Pregnancy Test
Tesco also sell their tests in packs of two but they are a tiny bit cheaper at £3.50 for a two pack. This means that each test costs £1.75.
Winner – Tesco
The Tesco test is just 5p cheaper than the Sainsbury’s one, but that’s enough for it to win this round.


Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Test
The instructions contained in the Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Test are easy to understand and well laid out. You should not have any problems following these.
Tesco Pregnancy Test
The Tesco Pregnancy Test instructions are also good but not as well designed as their Sainsbury’s ones.
Winner – Sainsbury’s
We like the simple and easy to understand design which is why the winner of this round is Sainsbury’s.


Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Test
Even though the Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Test is advertised as an early pregnancy test, it only has a sensitivity of 25mIU/ml, which makes it a regular pregnancy test in our opinion!
Tesco Pregnancy Test
This test is also a regular pregnancy test and can be used from the day your period is due.
Winner –  A draw
Both tests have a sensitivity of 25mIU/ml and are best used on the first day of your missed period for the most reliable results.


Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Test – Over 99% accurate when used on the first day when your period is due.
Tesco Pregnancy Test – The Tesco test is also more than 99% reliable when used on the day on which you are expecting your pregnancy.
Winner –  A draw.
They are very similar tests so have similar reliability. Reliability of results goes down if you try and test early with both these tests.


Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Test – The Sainsbury’s website shows 44 reviews at time of checking with an average rating of 2 out of 5.
Tesco Pregnancy Test – When we checked the Tesco website, there were 148 reviews with an average score of 1.7 out of 5.
Winner – Sainsbury’s
Neither test has great reviews to be honest but Sainsbury’s just shades it. Main complaint with both seems to be the high number of false positive results which probably occur when the tests are being taken too early.

FINAL SCORE: Sainsbury’s 2, Tesco 1

The winner is the Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Test

In our simple head-to-head, the Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Test is the narrow winner over the Tesco Pregnancy Test. To find out more about each test read one of our in depth reviews.

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