Best Pregnancy Test – Sainsbury’s v Wilko

In our latest head-to-head product review we compare to of the leading pregnancy tests that you might find on the high street. If you want to know more about either tests, please read one or both of our in-depth reviews:

Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Test Review
Wilko Pregnancy Test Review

Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Test or Wilko Pregnancy Test?

Which do we like best?


Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Test
The cost of a twin pack of Sainsbury’s pregnancy tests is £3.60. That equates to £1.80 per test.
Wilko Pregnancy Test
Wilko tests are tests are just £1 for two tests, making these tests some of the cheapest you will find in any high street shop.
Winner – Wilko
I your buying criteria is cost alone, then you won’t go far wrong with the Wilko test. At just 50p each, these tests are loads cheaper than the Sainsbury ones.


Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Test
The instructions packaged with the Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Test are simple to understand and well presented. You will not have any problems following these.
Wilko Pregnancy Test
The Wilko Pregnancy Test instructions are well written and laid out in an easy-to-understand format. They also have a Frequently Asked Questions section on the back, which is useful.
Winner – Sainsbury’s
The Sainsbury’s instruction are great and we prefer them just a little bit more to the Wilko ones.


Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Test
Even though the Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Test promotes itself as an early pregnancy test, it has a sensitivity of just 25mIU/ml, which makes it a regular pregnancy test in our book!
Wilko Pregnancy Test
The wilko test has a sensitivity of 20mIU/ml, making it slightly more sensitive. In theory, this means that you can use it earlier, but we would not recommend this.
Winner – Wilko
The Wilko test nudges ahead of Sainsbury’s on sensitivity. However, neither can be classified as early pregnancy tests and, for the most reliable results. both should used on the first day of your missed period


Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Test
This test claims to be more than 99% accurate when administered on the first day when your period is expected.
Wilko Pregnancy Test
The Wilko pregnancy test is also more than 99% reliable. This kind of reliability is expected when used on the day on which you are expecting your pregnancy.
Winner –  A draw.
Both of these pregnancy tests have similar reliability. Reliability of results decreases if you use either test before the day your period is due.


Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Test – The Sainsbury’s website shows 44 reviews at time of checking with an average rating of 2 out of 5.
Wilko Pregnancy Test – When we checked the Wilko website, there were 29 reviews with an average score of 3.4 out of 5.
Winner – Wilko
The Wilko Pregnancy test has better reviews overall. Although it is worth noting that 10 of the 29 reviews were only one star! Despite winning this round, a lot of women were less than happy with the Wilko tests.

FINAL SCORE: Wilko 3, Sainsbury’s 1

The winner is the Wilko Pregnancy Test

In our simple head-to-head, the Wilko Pregnancy Test is the clear winner over the Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Test. To read out more about each test read one of our in depth reviews.

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