Lloyds Pharmacy Pregnancy Test Review

Lloyds Pharmacy is a well-known chain of healthcare shops, based in the UK. The business was started in Warwickshire in 1973 by Allen Lloyd. Today, the company has over 1800 branches around the country and it employs more than 19,000 people. Its now It is one of the biggest pharmacy brands in the UK with many own-brand products. One of these products is the Lloyds Pharmacy Pregnancy Test which can be found in most branches, next to tests from Clearblue and First Response.

How Much Does Lloyds Pharmacy Pregnancy Test Cost?

Lloyds has been selling its own-brand pregnancy test in stores for a while now. They can be bought as either single or double packs of tests. A pack of two early pregnancy tests costs £6.19. The single test packs cost £4.49.

In the world of own-brand pregnancy tests, the Lloyds Pharmacy pregnancy test seems relatively expensive. This can be seen by comparing the prices to that of other high street pregnancy tests.

Superdrug Pregnancy Tests and Boots Pregnancy Tests both cost £4.99 for a pack of two. A twin pack of Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Tests costs only £3.50. Similarly, two Asda Pregnancy Tests can be purchased for £3.50.

We all know that more expensive pregnancy tests are not necessarily better than cheaper equivalents. But are these Lloyd’s test worth paying more for?

How To Use This Pregnancy Test

Using these pregnancy tests could not be any simpler. Just unwrap one from its foil packaging and take off the lid. Then just pee! After waiting for the required time of 4 minutes, you will then be able to read the results.

If you see one line in the square control window
This indicates that the test is working as it should be. Whether you are pregnant or not, you should always see this line if the test is functioning correctly.

If you see one line in the round results window
You are pregnant when you see two pink lines on the Lloyds Pharmacy pregnancy test (Two lines means: one in the square control window, one in the round results window) Congratulations!

These tests are advertised as “early pregnancy tests“,  meaning that testing can be started up to 4 days before your period is due.

Lloyds Pharmacy Pregnancy Test Reviews

Normally, the best place to look for Lloyds Pharmacy Pregnancy Test Reviews would be the company website. Most supermarkets and chemists now have an online presence where products can be bought, and sometimes reviews. Lloyds do sell these tests online but they do not have a review facility. This means that there is no actual customer feedback.

A google search does offer some insights into how good these tests are though.

A mumsnet thread from 2016 suggested that there was a high possibility of these tests giving a false positive result. One of the contributors suggested that these tests had a “higher false positive range than other tests”. The person who posted the thread realised it was a false positive after confirming the results as negative by using a First Response pregnancy test. Clearly upset, she wrote it “was a false positive. How utterly shit.”

On netmums, another forum thread suggested that these tests may produce  faint lines or evaporation lines. This can make them hard to interpret.

False Positive Pregnancy Tests

One lady contacted Zoom Baby through our Facebook page. She sent us a photo of three Lloyds Pharmacy Pregnancy Tests which she had taken. She claimed that all three were showing false positives and her photo shows them lined up against another test which was clearly negative.

false postive pregnancy test lloyds

Normally, we would never interpret the results of a pregnancy test from just a photo. (For example, we would have no idea about how long after the test the photo had been taken.) However, this photo does seem to show at least two tests that have a faint second line, which would indicate as positive test.

The 41 year old lady was naturally distressed by the result when she realised it was a negative. In her opinion, these tests “should not be sold”.

What causes a False Positive Pregnancy Test?

A false positive pregnancy test means that the test result is positive even though the person is not actually pregnant. This can be caused by certain medications and fertility treatments, ovarian cysts, chemical pregnancy, recent miscarriage or abortion, or user error when taking the test. It is important to consult with a healthcare provider to confirm the pregnancy and determine the next steps, as false positives can sometimes indicate underlying health issues.

How Was It For You?

Have you had a good or a bad experience with a Lloyds Pharmacy Pregnancy Test? If so, please let us know. We would love to hear all feedback, positive or negative, so that we can update this article and give our readers as balanced a review as we can. Please contact us. If you can send us photos, even better! (Use Twitter or Facebook to send images)


In closing, we can’t recommend these tests. They are fairly expensive and user feedback suggests that there may be problems in getting clear or reliable results. As an alternative, if you want an early pregnancy test with proven reliability, we always suggest that you opt for the  Zoom Baby Midstream Pregnancy Test.

The Zoom Baby pregnancy test is affordable, easy to use, and provides accurate results in just a few minutes. Additionally, it has received positive reviews from many satisfied customers, making it a trusted choice for early pregnancy detection.

If you are trying to conceive or suspect you may be pregnant, choosing a reliable test is crucial. By selecting the Zoom Baby Midstream Pregnancy Test, you can have peace of mind and get the answers you need quickly and accurately.

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This post first appeared in December 2019. It was last updated in June 2023.

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