Answer Pregnancy Test Review

Answer is an American pregnancy test brand that you can buy in shops and supermarkets in the UK. The Answer Pregnancy Test is aimed at consumers that do not want to spend huge amounts of money when buying pregnancy tests. For example, these tests will be much cheaper than those that are sold under the Clearblue brand name.

Interestingly, the Answer brand is manufactured by Church & Dwight in the USA. This is the same company that manufacture First Response pregnancy tests! As you will see in this review, the Answer test looks very similar to a First Response one, as does the packaging. Even the size of box used to package the tests is the same!

In the USA, the Answer brand is much more well known than it is in the UK.

Answer One Step Pregnancy Test Instructions

Using the Answer pregnancy tests is simple. The test has been laboratory proven to be over 99 percent accurate at identifying levels of the pregnancy hormone, human chorionic gonadotrophin, from the first day of your missed period. The hormone is increasingly present in urine when a woman is pregnant as the hormone is released by the body after the egg has been fertilised.

In tests, we found that this pregnancy test is very easy to use and it gives results very quickly. The test can be carried out at any time of the day. You will get 99% accurate results from the first day of your missed period, when using the test correctly.

Taking the test is simple; just position the stick under the stream of urine for a second or two as per the instructions and wait Results will begin to appear in three minutes or less.

It is always important that you read the instructions carefully to find out how to do the test and how to interpret the results. The results window is not hard to read: one line indicates that you are not pregnant. Two lines shows that you are pregnant.

The tests are sold single and double packs; double packs are slightly better value for money and will allow you to check the result of your pregnancy test again. A single pack typically costs £2.99, whilst you will pay £4.99 for a two test pack.

Answer Pregnancy Test - Box and Instructions

Answer Pregnancy Test Reviews

These pregnancy tests can be bought in discount healthcare stores such as Savers. They can also be bought online at Amazon. At the time of writing, we found that Amazon had 13 online ratings for the Answer Pregnancy Test. The average score (out of 5) is just 3.7.

The number of reviews are as follows:

  • 5 Star Reviews – 57%
  • 4 Star Reviews – 13%
  • 3 Star Reviews – 0%
  • 2 Star Reviews – 0%
  • 1 Star Reviews – 305

Reviews of the tests are generally favourable, with many consumers remarking on the uncanny similarities between the Answer and First Response Tests.  A couple of negative reviews do bring the average down. Once customer complains that she got a false positive result when using the test.

Is This The Best Value Pregnancy Test?

The answer pregnancy test is certainly great value, particularly if you believe that it is equivalent to a First Response Rapid Results Pregnancy Test.  (The big clue is that they come in the same wrapper! )

When you compare this test to some of the other, budget options on the high street, it is very well priced. A Sainsbury’s Pregnancy Test or a Superdrug Pregnancy Test may work out slightly cheaper per unit, but the reviews do not seem to be as positive as that of the Answer pregnancy test.


Overall, there are a lot of positive things to say about the Answer Pregnancy Test. Certainly, if you are looking for a budget option, this test is to be recommended. The fact that it is produced by one of the big names in pregnancy tests, is a plus point indeed.

Of course, if you are looking to buy a budget pregnancy test with high reliability, can we suggest that you try the Zoom Baby Midstream Pregnancy Test. Even though the Answer test is great value at £2.99, the Zoom Baby test is still significantly cheaper. Clearly, at just £1.29 per test, you will achieve significant savings, if you are testing regularly, by swapping over to the Zoom Baby test.

Zoom Baby is a leading supplier of Pregnancy Tests and Ovulation Test Kits

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