Can You Buy Pre-Seed at Superdrug?

If you are looking to Buy Pre-Seed at Superdrug, you have two options to purchase – In Store or Online. Both ways have pros and cons…

Pre-Seed: It seems that Pre-Seed has become the go-to product for women trying to conceive, and there’s a very good reason for this. Pre-Seed works! It’s the fertility-friendly lubricant that mimics the naturally fertile fluids in a woman’s body, and that’s why women trying to conceive today have come to rely on this specially formulated lubricant. For many women, this is their preferred fertility lubricant, ahead of competing products such as Conceive Plus.

So, Can You Buy Pre-Seed at Superdrug?

Now that you’ve decided to buy fertility-friendly lubricant, you may be wondering if you can purchase Pre-Seed lubricant at Superdrug?

Yes, we’re happy to advise that you can now purchase Pre-Seed at Superdrug. It used to be that Pre-Seed was only licensed to sell at Babystart in the UK, but today we’re glad to say that the rights of this product have recently been transferred to the company that also sell First Response pregnancy tests. So today it’s very easy to purchase Pre-Seed; in fact, you will find it in any branch of Superdrug, located in the section where you purchase Superdrug Pregnancy Tests.

About Pre-Seed Fertility-Friendly Lubricant

Pre-Seed is a high-quality fertility-friendly lubricant that supports sperm on their journey by mimicking fertile cervical fluids. When you use Pre-Seed you know you’re using the right fertility lubricant because this high-quality product is pH balanced, isotonic, and glycerine-free, allowing sperm to swim freely. Developed by a sperm physiologist, Pre-Seed is recommended by fertility experts and even used in fertility clinics.

Pre-Seed was specially formulated for women trying to conceive. This fertility-friendly lubricant has revolutionised how women feel about using a lubricant when trying to become pregnant. Any couple trying to conceive will probably admit that having sex on demand in order to fit in with ovulation can be very stressful. And that’s where the right fertility lubrication can be very helpful. Not only was Pre-Seed the first fertility-friendly lubricant on the market, but this one was designed specifically to be sperm friendly.

Why Pre-Seed Was Developed

At that time it had become obvious that normal lubricants were hindering the process of conception; not only were lubricants not helping with the process of conception, some impeded and even killed off sperm. This led to the National Institute of Health funding the research to develop this patented, sperm-safe formula, ensuring that sperm could go about their business of fertilising the egg.

Pre-Seed relieves vaginal dryness and creates the perfect environment in which sperm can swim. By supplementing a woman’s naturally lubricating fluids, Pre-Seed fertility-friendly personal lubricant helps by relieving friction and enhancing the comfort and ease of intimate sexual activity. Pre-Seed is a smooth and slippery lubricant, and there is no sticky residue.

Purchasing Pre-Seed Fertility-Friendly Lubricant at Superdrug

In recent times, if you were not able to get into a Superdrug store, you simply had to go online to purchase your Pre-Seed lubricant. Normally Pre-Seed sells online at Superdrug for £18.49 per pack, plus there’s a delivery charge of £3.50 if your order is under £50. There are nine applicators in each pack, with a total weight of 40g.

Since 2021, there have been shortages of Pre-Seed and it now seems as if this fertility lubricant can no longer be bought online at Superdrug. (Last checked: December 2021)

You can also buy Pre-Seed at Boots at a similar price to the Superdrug offer. However, we often found that it was only larger branches that stocked it locally. This is not always convenient, so be aware!

How Much Does Pre-Seed Cost at Zoom Baby?

You know how pedantic we are at Zoom Baby! Our customers are very important to us and we always try to provide good value with great customer service. Today, you can purchase Pre-Seed fertility-friendly lubricant from Zoom Baby and if you’re a regular Zoom Baby customer you will have already received a discount code from us offering a further discount. If your order is over £20 you also receive free delivery. Basically, all you need to do to reach the £20 threshold is purchase another small item at the same time. Perhaps you can top up your order buying pregnancy tests, because you’re certainly going to need those in the future. While you’re there, check out the pricing on our pregnancy test strips – we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Pre-Seed Discount Code

A pre-seed discount code will help shave a bit off of the price when you are purchasing your fertility lubricant. Check out this Zoom Baby page for Pre-Seed discount codes.

Zoom Baby in the UK for the Cheapest Pre-Seed Fertility Friendly Lubricant

Once you become one of our valued customers and receive regular discounts and offers, you’ll quickly realise that Zoom Baby in the UK is the only place to buy your Pre-Seed fertility-friendly lubricant; the first lubricant formulated specifically for couples trying to conceive. (Note: We also stock Conceive Plus and Babystart FertilSafe at prices that are cheaper than the shops!)

We first posted this article in January 2020 and have updated it since.
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