Pre-Seed Discount Code

Many visitors to the Zoom Baby website arrive looking for the cheapest Pre-Seed in the UK. Whilst we can never promise that, we always try to offer the lowest price, compared to our competitors online, as well as in the shops.

Our Pre-Seed discount code will give you an extra 10% off at the checkout. Considering our Pre-Seed is already very competitively priced, the extra discount may well help if you are looking for the cheapest Pre-Seed in the UK.

However, the great value does not just stop with our Pre-Seed discount code. We also offer free delivery when you spend £20 or more. And when we say free delivery, we don’t mean that we ship it on some slow carrier that takes a week to arrive. No, even our free deliveries are shipped using Royal Mail 24, so often you get your items the very next day!

Pre-Seed Discount Code

So what is the Pre-Seed Discount Code?

For a limited time only, we are offering 10% off at the checkout when you order Pre-Seed and use the Pre-Seed Discount code which is SeedBaby10.

Click here to go to the product page and place your ordering using the Pre-Seed discount code from Zoom Baby.

Pre-Seed Discount Code is: SeedBaby10

Why use a special lubricant when trying to conceive?

Medical studies have shown that many lubricants have a harmful effect on sperm, reducing sperm motility and speed. For this reasons a “normal” lubricant should be avoided when you are trying to get pregnant. Manys couple may not be aware of this risk. Pre-Seed has been developed as a “sperm friendly” lubricant that couples can use without worry when trying to conceive..

What makes Pre-Seed so special?

Pre-Seed is the first “fertility-friendly” Intimate Moisturiser that mimics natural body secretions to relieve vaginal dryness while providing an optimal sperm environment.

Pre-Seed’s moisture is delivered in a fluid with the same pH and osmolarity as semen and fertile cervical mucus, so as not to harm sperm, and to be mild to a woman’s body.

Pre-Seed contains a naturally occurring bioactive plant sugar (arabinogalactan) which provides antioxidant support to cells. Antioxidant levels can be severely decreased in semen from men with fertility problems leading to sperm damage. Pre-Seed is deposited inside to coat the vagina and external cervix and replenish nature’s moisture without harming sperm even while trying to conceive – which is often a time of increased vaginal dryness when other personal lubricants should be avoided.

Pre-Seed and Fertility Issues

While using a fertility-friendly lubricant like Pre-Seed can potentially help when trying to conceive, it’s important to understand it is just one factor. There are many potential causes of infertility that a lubricant alone cannot address. Let’s explore some of the common fertility issues that couples may face:

Male Factor Infertility

Up to 50% of infertility cases involve male factor issues. Some potential causes include low sperm count, poor sperm motility (movement), abnormal sperm shape, or blocked tubes that prevent sperm from being ejaculated. Lifestyle factors like smoking, excessive alcohol, drugs, diet, stress and exposure to toxins can all negatively impact sperm health. In these cases, using Pre-Seed may help the existing sperm reach the egg more effectively, but it can’t increase low sperm counts or improve poor sperm quality.

Ovulation Problems

On the female side, one of the most common causes of infertility is a lack of regular ovulation. Conditions like PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) can disrupt or prevent ovulation entirely. Other factors like excessive exercise, eating disorders, thyroid issues or premature ovarian failure can also interfere with the ovulation process. Pre-Seed cannot trigger ovulation if it’s not occurring naturally.

Blocked Fallopian Tubes

The fallopian tubes need to be open and unblocked for the sperm to be able to reach the egg after ovulation. Pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, scarring from previous surgeries or infections can all potentially cause tubal blockages. Using Pre-Seed may aid sperm motility, but it cannot clear blocked tubes.

For women, fertility starts to decline more rapidly after age 35 due to lower oocyte (egg) quantity and quality. Men’s sperm quality also decreases as they get older. While Pre-Seed may help aging sperm on its journey, it can’t reverse the effects of age on egg and sperm cells.

So in what cases can Pre-Seed genuinely help? It works best for couples with unexplained infertility, or cases where vaginal dryness or potentially harsh lubricants may be impacting fertility. It provides an optimal environment for the sperm’s transit without harming them. But for more serious underlying causes, seeking medical evaluation and appropriate fertility treatments is crucial.

Discreet Delivery from Zoom Baby

Discreet Delivery

Pre-Seed is supplied in a 40 gm tube with 9 twist-on applicators. At Zoom Baby we always ship using Royal Mail, meaning that your order of Pre-Seed with Free Delivery will arrive quickly! your Pre-Seed will arrive in discreet packaging, with no external indication of what’s inside (we use a private return address on the packet)

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