Keeping It Confidential: Buying a Pregnancy Test Discreetly

Buying a Pregnancy Test: Tips for Privacy and Discretion

Buying a pregnancy test can be an awkward experience. You might feel uncomfortable discussing something so personal. You might worry about running into someone you know. Don’t worry; we have some tips to help you get a pregnancy test discreetly.

Where can I get a pregnancy test discreetly?

1. Use the self-checkout lane

Self-checkout lanes are great for avoiding awkward interactions. Nearly all supermarkets – eg: Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco, have self checkouts. Some chemists, such as larger Boots stores do too. Here are some tips for in-store shopping:

  • Check the store layout online before you go. This way, you can go straight to the right aisle.
  • Go to a different store location if you’re a regular shopper. This reduces the chances of seeing someone who knows you.
  • Shop during off-peak hours to avoid crowds.
  • Order online for in-store pickup. Someone else can do the shopping and payment. All you have to do is show your ID and leave.

Remember, retail workers deal with many customers daily. Buying a pregnancy test probably won’t even register with them.

2. Buy online – but check the source

You can have a pregnancy test delivered right to your door. However, be cautious about where you buy from. Always choose a trusted retailer. We recommend Zoom Baby, well we would, wouldn’t we! 😊 All of our pregnancy tests are sent out in plain packaging with a private return address. The downside is waiting for delivery, but this can be a great option if you’re willing to be patient. We ship all orders on the same day, by first class mail, so it’s a quick and private option.

3. Get your test delivered with your dinner

Some food delivery services now offer retail deliveries. You can add items from a pharmacy or grocery store to your existing food order. This way, you can get a pregnancy test delivered with your pizza.

4. Check community resources

Women’s centres and organisations like often offer free or low-cost pregnancy tests. If you’re a college student, your on-campus health centre may have resources too. Check out our list of places where you can get a free pregnancy test.

5. Talk to your healthcare professional

While home pregnancy tests are convenient, you can also go to your healthcare provider to confirm your pregnancy. Call their office to get their recommendation on when to come in after your missed period. Some providers may require you to take a home pregnancy test first.

How do I read a pregnancy test?

Pregnancy tests can seem confusing. Here are some tips to help you understand the results:

  • Read the instructions carefully. Different tests may have different instructions.
  • Look for a line or a plus sign on the test. This usually indicates a positive result.
  • Pay attention to how many lines or symbols appear. Some tests have two lines for a positive result.
  • Check the test at the recommended time. Don’t check too early or too late.
  • Use the test correctly. Follow the instructions for collecting a urine sample.

If you’re unsure about the results, don’t hesitate to take another test or speak to a healthcare professional.

When is the best time to take a pregnancy test?

The best time to take a pregnancy test depends on your menstrual cycle:

  • Timing. Wait at least one day after your missed period. This gives the most accurate result.
  • For early testing, wait until after the first day of your expected period. The results may be less reliable, or even wrong!
  • Consider taking the test first thing in the morning. Your urine will be more concentrated.

Remember, a negative pregnancy result doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not pregnant. If you still suspect you might be pregnant, wait a few days and take another test. (Check out our blog post: False Negative Pregnancy Tests: 5 Things That Could Be Wrong)

What happens if the pregnancy test is positive?

A positive pregnancy test means you are likely pregnant. However, it’s important to confirm the result with your GP or healthcare professional. Here are some Zoom Baby recommendations for what to do next:

  • Make an appointment with your GP, doctor or a healthcare clinic. They will do another test to confirm the pregnancy.
  • Start considering your options. Do you want to continue the pregnancy or explore other choices?
  • Seek support from close friends or family members if you feel comfortable doing so.
  • Begin making healthy lifestyle choices if you decide to stick with the pregnancy.
  • Diet is important now – booze and junk food are off the menu. Look at taking vitamins, such as Pregnacare Original

A positive pregnancy test can bring up many emotions. Happy or sad or scared. Or a mix of all these emotions. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed or uncertain. Or you might be elated. We all react differently.Seeking support and exploring your options can really help.

Buying a pregnancy test can feel awkward, but these suggestions can help maintain your privacy. Remember, there’s no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed.

Photo credit; “Supermarket” by Anthony Cunningham for Zoom Baby

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