Can You Buy Pre-Seed at Boots?

We love Pre-Seed. It’s a fantastic product and why would you be without it when you are trying to conceive? But can you buy it in the shops? If the time is right but you’ve run out of fertility lubricant, can you run down to the shops and buy Pre-Seed at Boots?

So, Does Boots Stock Pre-Seed?

As of May 2024, Pre-Seed is no longer available to purchase at Boots stores or online at The product had previously become available at Boots after the UK rights passed to the company that also sells First Response pregnancy tests. However, it appears that Boots is not currently stocking Pre-Seed.

Pre-Seed has revolutionised how women think about lubrication when it comes to trying for baby. Let’s face it, regular sex, on demand to meet an ovulation schedule can be a chore. Honestly! And it is at these times when lubrication becomes important. And this is where Pre-Seed steps in…

Pre-Seed was the first fertility lubricant on the market. It was designed to be “sperm-friendly” when it became clear that normal lubricants were not helping with the conception process. In fact, it was found that some normal lubricants even killed off or severely impeded the boys that were swimming off to do their job. Pre-Seed was the lubricant that came along and enabled the little swimmers to get on with their business of fertilising the egg, unimpeded.

So, what makes Pre-Seed the go-to fertility lubricant for couples trying to conceive? Its unique, sperm-friendly formula mimics natural vaginal secretions, providing optimal conditions for sperm survival and mobility. The lubricant’s pH and osmolality closely resemble fertile cervical mucus, ensuring that it doesn’t interfere with the sperm’s journey to the egg. Plus, Pre-Seed is free from glycerin, parabens, and other potentially harmful ingredients that could hinder conception efforts. It’s no wonder that this fertility-friendly lubricant has become a staple for many couples on their journey to parenthood!

Alternatives to Pre-Seed

While Pre-Seed may be the most well-known fertility lubricant, it’s not the only option out there. If you’re struggling to find Pre-Seed or simply want to explore other possibilities, consider trying Conceive Plus or Babystart FertilSafe. These lubricants also boast sperm-friendly formulas that won’t hinder your conception efforts. Conceive Plus contains calcium and magnesium ions, which may enhance sperm viability and motility. Meanwhile, Babystart FertilSafe is an isotonic lubricant that closely resembles natural vaginal secretions. Whichever fertility lubricant you choose, remember that consistency and timing are key when trying to conceive!

Note: You may still be able to buy Pre-Seed at Superdrug, however it is often only available in-store at larger branches.

Pre-Seed Shortages in 2021-2023

The global pandemic in 2020 and 2021 had an effect on the supply of Pre-Seed. Production and shipping problems meant that the lubricant was not produced in the same volumes as before, which led to shortages. Big high street names, such as Boots, were not immune to these supply problems and often ran out of stock for months at a time. The supply issues continued into 2022 and 2023. While we cannot confirm if these shortages were the reason for Pre-Seed’s discontinuation at Boots, it’s possible they played a role in the decision.

Is Pre-Seed Cheaper at Zoom Baby?

As a company we always try and offer the best value we can to our customers. Currently we are offering Pre-Seed at a bargain price of £15.99. If you have bought from Zoom Baby before we will have sent you a discount code which will give you a further discount on top of this price.

We also offer free delivery on orders over £20 in value. So all you need to do is purchase another cheap item at the same time to hit the £20 threshold. Many people choose to buy pregnancy tests to bulk up their order. You’re going to need those anyway, aren’t you? (Try our pregnancy test strips for the cheapest, value option here …)

Cheapest Pre-Seed in the UK?

With our regular offers and discounts on Pre-Seed, you can be sure that Zoom Baby is one of the cheapest places in the UK to buy this particular fertility lubricant. (And don’t forget, when it comes to fertility lubricants, we also stock Conceive Plus and Babystart FertilSafe at prices that are cheaper than the shops!)

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