First Look: New Conceive Plus Packaging!

Conceive Plus has a new look for 2020! The team at Sasmar, inventors and manufacturers of this customer favourite fertility lubricant, have recently updated the packaging of the lube to give it a more modern look for the new decade. So what does the new Conceive Plus packaging look like?

Conceive Plus 75ml Tube

The 75ml tube of Conceive Plus is a customer favourite and gets great reviews. It’s one that we sell a lot of – possibly due to the fact that the price at Zoom Baby is normally much lower than in the high street (You can buy Conceive Plus at Boots but it is normally a few pounds more expensive than from us.)

Conceive Pus 75ml Tube

As you will see, the Conceive Plus packaging has not changed much. The main adaptation is the inclusion of a splash of yellow to the front of the box. We like this. It does seem to “”lift” the packing a bit. It’s certainly an attractive upgrade.

Conceive Plus 8 Applicator Pack

The addition of yellow to the Conceive Plus packaging is continued onto the box of the 8 applicator pack. These pre-filled, single applications of Conceive Plus are popular with customers as they are handy for travelling with and offer a convenient way of using this lube, even at home.

Conceive Plus 8 x 4g Pack

A New Look – Arriving In Store Soon

Wherever you buy Conceive Plus you should start to see the product moving over to the new packaging as older stocks become exhausted and new deliveries arrive.

What do you think of the new look? does the new yellow colouring on the box make the product more attractive? Or would you buy Conceive Plus whatever. As ever, we care keen to hear your thoughts – just contact us through social media (Facebook or Twitter) to give us your opinion.

This post first appeared in January 2020.
Photo by Sasmar
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