Can you buy Pre-Seed in Germany?

Sometimes you need to pick up your usual fertility lubricant and you are away from home, as you are travelling. Or  you live in a foreign country, this can sometimes make it hard to pick up your TTC needs easily? Pre-Seed is a very popular fertility lubricant, which gets great reviews. But, can you buy Pre-Seed in Germany?

To see if it was possible to buy Pre-Seed in Germany we visited a local chemist in Düsseldorf. At the main station, there is a well-known brand of chemists called DM. We went in and checked out the range.

This pharmacy in the store only carries one type of fertility lubricant. This brand is called Kinder Wunsch and it is made by a company called Ritex  (Note: For non-German speakers, Kinder Wunsch literally means “Child Wish”)

Kinder Wunsch is available in the UK but it is primarily a German brand. We did not see Pre-Seed or Conceive Plus on the shelves. We then went to a couple of other chemist nearby and it was the same story, we could not buy Pre-Seed! 😥

Where To Buy Pre-Seed in Germany?

So what do you do if you’re in Germany and you want to buy Pre-Seed.  As you can see, it is very difficult. Unless you are lucky enough to find it in an independent pharmacy, you are going to struggle to find it any of the big chain stores.

We suggest that your best option is to buy online from Zoom Baby in the UK. We ship to Germany every day and delivery normally only takes take 3 to 4 days using Royal Mail

The cost of delivering a packet from the UK to Germany is also quite reasonable. So you will not pay massive shipping costs, making it easy to to buy Pre-Seed  for delivery to your address in Germany.

This post first appeared in January 2020
Photo by Zoom Baby
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