Fertility and Pregnancy News from Zoom Baby – 8th April 2022

Zoom Baby is here to help when you are trying for a baby. For many years we have been supplying a wide range of great value pregnancy tests, ovulation tests and fertility lubricants. And we also offer free advice of how to use our products so that maximise your chances of getting pregnant. We know that trying for a baby can be an exciting, sometimes stressful time.

In order to offer the best possible advice to our customers, we constantly monitor what is happening in the world of fertility and pregnancy. Every week we publish a summary of some of the most interesting stories to have appeared on the web in the previous week. We hope that this summary will be of use to all that come and visit us here at Zoom Baby!

Fertility and Pregnancy News

Experts quit fertility show over ‘dubious therapies’ and criticism of ‘exorbitant’ products offered to couples
A major fertility show is facing criticism over ‘exorbitant’ products it showcases to couples after the British Fertility Society withdrew its support.| The Independent, UK

New study says no increased fertility chances from weight loss; here’s why experts disagree
Experts say obesity and pregnancy chances are inversely related, which means more the weight, lesser the chances of conception and having a healthy baby | The Indian Express, India

I’m a doctor and here’s exactly what to do if you want to get pregnant
One expert has revealed her top tips on exactly what you should be doing if you want to get pregnant| The Sun, UK

How one family made the difficult decision to give the gift of life
Following the birth of their son in 2008, one family faced a dilemma common for those who use fertility treatment: what to do with surplus eggs or embryos | Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

NSW woman, 28, gave birth to her third baby in the shower despite negative pregnancy test
Dimitty Bonnet had no idea she was pregnant. She had been having regular periods and even did a negative pregnancy test | Daily Mail, UK

IVF: ‘Your chances of having a kid depend on how much you can afford to spend’
Paul Murphy and his partner Jess Spear have so far spent about €12,000 accessing private treatment for IVF | The Irish Times, Ireland

Massachusetts couple says mother was carrying wrong embryo after mix-up in New York clinic 
Woman claims she was impregnated with wrong embryo during $12,000 IVF treatment in lawsuit against SAME fertility specialist who mistakenly switched two different families’ embryos more than 20 years ago | Daily Mail, UK

Practical tips for eliminating stretch marks after pregnancy
If you’re currently expecting, you can minimise the impact of stretch marks by taking preventative measures. If stretch marks are causing you physical discomfort, oils and gels are a good option| Cambridge Independent, USA

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

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