Fertility and Pregnancy News from Zoom Baby – 1st April 2022

Zoom Baby is here to help when you are trying for a baby. For many years we have been supplying a wide range of great value pregnancy tests, ovulation tests and fertility lubricants. And we also offer free advice of how to use our products so that maximise your chances of getting pregnant. We know that trying for a baby can be an exciting, sometimes stressful time.

In order to offer the best possible advice to our customers, we constantly monitor what is happening in the world of fertility and pregnancy. Every week we publish a summary of some of the most interesting stories to have appeared on the web in the previous week. We hope that this summary will be of use to all that come and visit us here at Zoom Baby!

Fertility and Pregnancy News

Mum has ‘miracle baby’ after ectopic pregnancy scare and surgery to remove embryo
When Siobhan Webb started to feel cramping just like she had done in her first pregnancy, she thought it was just her body adjusting | Metro,UK

How obesity affects the chances of complications during pregnancy 
Women who are significantly obese can reduce their risk of pregnancy complications, including gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia | Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

Couple who asked for female embryo sues fertility clinic over baby boy
Heather and Robbie say that CNY fertility clinic in Latham, NY, assured the Buffalo couple it would not be a problem: The lab could determine the sex of any embryo, created using an egg from Robbie and donor sperm | New York Post, USA

Signs of pregnancy that may appear before a missed period
Pregnant women feel extremely nauseous during the early stages of pregnancy. Although it is it is popularly known as morning sickness, it does not necessarily arise in the morning and one may feel sick anytime of the day. | The Times of India

Couple told they were suffering an ectopic pregnancy overjoyed to find out their baby had survived
A mum has given birth to a “miracle” baby after doctors discovered she was pregnant with a healthy son DURING surgery to remove the embryo | Wales Online

Can you get your nails done while pregnant? Risks, safety, and more
There is no evidence that getting a manicure or pedicure is dangerous during pregnancy, but people can take some precautions | Medical News Today, USA

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