How Can Fertility Lubricants Help You to Get Pregnant?

Fertility lubricants, also known as fertility friendly lubricants, have become increasingly popular for couples trying to conceive a baby. Used during intercourse, these lubricants are specially formulated to keep sperm healthy and help increase the chances of conception. So how do fertility lubricants work and can they actually help you get pregnant?

Fertility lubricants are designed to mimic the natural lubrication of a woman’s body. This means that they are free of harmful chemicals, parabens, and perfumes which can damage sperm and reduce the chances of conception. Additionally, fertility lubricants are made to be slightly acidic with a pH level that mimics the natural environment of the female reproductive tract. This can help to keep sperm more alive and motile in the vagina, resulting in greater chances of conception.

Fertility lubricants can also increase the chances of conception by increasing the amount of time sperm can survive in the female reproductive system. Unlike traditional lubricants, fertility lubricants are water-soluble and don’t interfere with semen’s ability to swim towards the egg. Many fertility lubricants also contain compounds designed to nourish the sperm and make them more resistant to environmental stress.

In addition to helping to increase the chances of conception, fertility friendly lubricants can also make intercourse more comfortable and enjoyable. For couples who are trying to conceive, it can be beneficial to use these lubricants to relax and focus on enjoying the experience.

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The first ever fertility lubricant was Pre-Seed. It was the first lubricant specifically designed to be used during conception that was created by carefully selecting the contents and modifying the pH.

The fertility lubricant market has since grown and a number of brands have entered, including Conceive Plus and Fertilsafe. The formula has been tweaked, but the principle remains the same. All avoid parabens and have the same viscosity and pH as cervical mucus.

The bottom line is that fertility lubricants can help increase the chances of conception, especially when combined with tracking ovulation and timed intercourse. While natural lubrication is important for conception, fertility lubricants can be a great addition to any couple’s attempts to conceive a baby. Talk to your doctor about your options for fertility friendly lubricants and get started on your journey to parenthood!

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This post first appeared in December 2022

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