Cheap Ovulation Test Kits

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Cheap Ovulation Test Kits

The internet is awash with cheap ovulation test kits. But are they any good? The packaging might look good but what’s actually inside the packet and will the test actually do what it is meant to do, i.e.: predict ovulation so that you can improve your chances of getting pregnant?

So how do you tell if a Cheap Ovulation Test is worth buying?

Here are some things to look out for:

CE or FDA marks

The first and most important thing to look for is the CE mark which is required on all medical devices that are sold as Ovulation Kits in the EU.  Tests that are designed to be sold in the US market may also carry an FDA mark, which can also act as a mark of reliability.  Don’t buy any cheap ovulation test kit that does not carry one of these marks. All Zoom Baby Ovulation tests are sourced from within the EU and carry a CE mark.

Width of Test

Most cheap ovulation tests sold on the internet are sold a test strips. With these types of ovulation tests, the width of the ovulation test strip is actually quite critical.  We recommend and sell 4mm wide ovulation test strip as we believe that these are the optimum width for easy interpretation of ovulation test results. Most of the websites we have come across in the UK selling ovulation tests actually sell ovulation tests that are 2.5 mm wide or even narrower.  This is because they are cheaper to manufacture and allow them to be sold cheaper than a 4mm wide test.

Avoid narrow Ovulation Tests

We cannot stress more clearly, 2.5mm or narrower ovulation test strip should be avoided at all costs. Remember, when using ovulation tests, you must compare the intensity of the control line to the test line. Narrow test strips make interpretation of the test results difficult, if not near impossible!

Buy from a reputable company

Would you buy medicines from an unknown website or, even worse, an internet auction site? I am sure you would not! Well, the same caution should be used when buying ovulation tests. Your chances of getting pregnant each month are limited to just a few days, so why would you risk missing those fertile days because you had bought a defective, fake or low-quality ovulation test?

Save money without cutting corners

When you buy Ovulation Tests from Zoom Baby you can rest assured that you are buying highly reliable tests, as well as saving money! All our tests are CE marked and a minimum of 4mm wide. Read our customer testimonials to confirm that our ovulation test kits really do work!

Zoom Baby is a leading supplier of ovulation tests in the UK and worldwide. We have been selling on the web since 2007 and we even selling testing kits to the NHS! Because we are experts in this field you can buy with confidence, knowing that we are always there will help and advice should you need it.