Pregnacare Conception – Does It Improve Pregnancy Chances?

A clinical trial suggests that women who are thinking about having a baby should take recommended supplements, as they will have an increased chance of becoming pregnant.

The Royal Free Hospital and University College London conducted a recent study using 58 women. In this study they focused on pregnancy rates when the women were given prenatal micronutrient supplements.

The study used a multivitamin called Pregnacare Conception that is made by Vitabiotics. The manufacturer, however, did not fund, influence, or commission the study in any way. The company simply provided the vitamins that are usually sold in packs of 30 for £10.99. The vitamins contain compounds such as vitamin B12, folic acid, and others.

The study’s data showed the women who took the vitamins were not only more likely to conceive, but 60% of them women were still pregnant in their third month. On the other hand, this rate for women taking only folic acid was a mere 25%.

The clinical trial used women who were already receiving fertility enhancing treatments, but since no side effects were found while the vitamins were being used, scientists determined any woman trying to conceive a child should take them.

During the study, the women were broken into two groups. The first group was given only folic acid pills, which are the suggested supplement according to the government for preventing baby abnormalities. The second group of women was given a mineral tablet and multivitamin.

After four months of taking these pills daily, the women underwent fertility drug treatments. The results showed the women taking vitamins had a higher chance of conceiving, with 60% of the women still pregnant after three months. This is compared to only 25% in the women who simply took folic acid.

Moreover, these women were also more likely to become pregnant after less fertility treatments; here 3/4 of women were pregnant after the first cycle. On folic acid, the number of women pregnant after the first cycle would drop to one in five.

It is also important to note the women used in the study were mainly from affluent backgrounds, maintained healthy diets before the study began, and that later blood tests proved those taking the vitamins had much higher amounts of micronutrients than the women simply taking folic acid.

Dr Rina Agrawal, the lead author, explained that it is unknown exactly which components found in the multivitamin actually played the role on pregnancy. This is due to the fact that Pregnacare Conception pills contain a wide array of minerals, substances, vitamins, and antioxidants known to enhance the blood flow to reproductive organs and ovarian function.

These finding were published in an online publication called the Reproductive BioMedicine Online journal.

Though this study’s results are quite interesting, more research is still needed. In fact, a larger group of women should be used to test if the results change when a more diversified group of women is used.

Photo Credit: “Irina&Ksenia” (CC BY 2.0) by truewonder

This post has been updated since its original publication in 2013.

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