Why Some Pregnancy Symptoms Aren’t All Bad

The Positive Side of Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy brings many changes to a woman’s body. While some can be unpleasant, others have surprisingly nice effects. Here are some of the symptoms of pregnancy that you may end up enjoying:

1. Thicker, Shinier Hair

The hormone changes in pregnancy that are responsible for various symptoms can also cause your hair to become thicker, shinier, and faster growing. Many women find their hair takes on a lustrous look during pregnancy.

2. Nail Growth

Increases in blood pressure and hormones during pregnancy may speed up fingernail growth. This can finally give you the long, healthy nails you’ve always wanted. Prenatal vitamins may also encourage faster nail growth.

3. Bigger Breasts

As your breasts grow and fill with milk in preparation for breastfeeding, you’ll notice a size increase. Your expanding bust line can be shown off with flattering tops and dresses.

4. “Pregnancy Glow”

Some pregnant women get a reddish “glow” in their cheeks caused by increased blood volume. Sebaceous glands also work harder during pregnancy, moisturising the skin for a dewy complexion. Many women find pregnancy clears up their skin.

5. No Periods

Not having to deal with monthly periods is a nice perk many pregnant women appreciate! No need for tampons for the duration of your pregnancy.

6. Better Sex

Increased sensitivity in the genital region allows some women to experience better orgasms during pregnancy.

7. Feeling Baby Move

As your baby starts moving around more, feeling those little kicks and jabs helps you bond with your growing little one. It’s a very special part of pregnancy.

8. Heightened Sense of Smell

While an amplified sense of smell can sometimes cause aversions to certain foods and fragrances, it can also enable you to appreciate pleasant aromas more. Many women find their sense of smell becomes much sharper during pregnancy.

9. You Have Some Great Dreams!

Pregnant women often experience extremely vivid dreaming and improved dream recall. This can allow you to have fun analysing the strange narratives your subconscious creates. Dream on!

10. Making New Friends

Attending prenatal classes and appointments, you’ll meet other expectant mothers. Friendships form as you share this journey together. Having a support network of fellow mums-to-be can be very rewarding and you will make new, often lifelong, friends.

While pregnancy certainly has its tougher aspects, focusing on the positive changes can help you enjoy the experience. Appreciating your thicker hair, glowing skin, and growing baby bump will keep your spirits up on the hardest days.

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