DONNA Saliva Fertility Tester – Questions and Answers


What is the DONNA Saliva Fertility Tester?
The DONNA Saliva Fertility Tester is an instrument that helps a woman identify the fertile and infertile periods during her monthly cycle

How does it work?
DONNA’s optical block magnifies your sample of saliva (or cer- vical mucus). By comparing the image you are seeing in the microscope with the three images provided in the instructions for use (see overleaf) you can determine your hormone activity and whether you are at a less or more fertile period.

Why should I use the DONNA?
• It is fast: the DONNA microscope requires only a five minute interval for the saliva sample to dry. Once dry, view the sam- ple through the lens to determine the result.

• It is clean and easy-to-use: “No messy urine tests” is the main advantage. There is a slight learning curve with any fertility tester; suggest to utilise the first cycle to master the art of interpretation.

• It is educational: By monitoring results every day, you learn about your own fertility patterns and the nuances of your cycle. Over time, you will be able to get a bird’s eye view of your cycle history.Monitor results daily, even when you are not ovulating.

• It is good for women with irregular cycles: Unlike hit and miss LH surges (and the sheer volume of tests needed to pin- point an LH surge), the DONNA allows women with irregular cycles to focus on their estrogen surge.

• It is accurate: 98% accuracy, proven in clinical trials. But that means following the directions (no eating, drinking, smoking or brushing teeth before taking a sample).

• It is early ovulation detectors: Tracks ovulation with up to 72 hours notice. This provides plenty of time to plan ahead your sexual behaviour.

• It is convenient and discreet: You can use your DONNA anywhere, anytime, and everyone will think you are just looking into a tube of lipstick.

• It is affordable: Compared with the amount of money spent on urine LH tests, the DONNA is a very cost effective way to predict fertility.

The DONNA is not suitable for:
• Women in advanced menopause
• Women under hormonal contraception (the pill) or hormonal therapy
• Women who have in the last two months been pregnant
• Women receiving fertility drugs, such as clomiphene citrate, should not use the device since these drugs cause an increase in hormone levels which will induce ferning images.