How to Save Money During Your Pregnancy Journey

Save cash and reduce stress with our 20 savvy tips

Pregnancy is an exciting chapter of life, but it can also be expensive. With so many new purchases for your baby, plus maternity clothes and healthcare items for yourself, costs add up.

Follow our 20 tips below to save money during pregnancy without compromising on essentials. We’ve got you covered on maternity wear, activities, healthcare and much more. Read on for pregnancy penny-pinching that won’t pinch your fun or wellbeing.

20 Clever Ways to Save Money When You’re Expecting

1 – Shop Smartly for Baby Essentials

When buying for your new arrival, shop wisely and avoid being swayed by marketing claims. Focus on practical essentials rather than flashy gimmicks. Check safety testing and reviews. Buying babygrows and vests in mixed colour packs saves sorting piles of laundry. Stockpile nappies and wipes when there are special offers. Opt for a simple Moses basket rather than a deluxe crib to start with.

2 – Make the Most of Free Healthcare

One of the biggest money-savers is accessing the free healthcare you’re entitled to. This includes free NHS prescriptions and dental treatment throughout pregnancy and until your baby turns one. Ask your midwife for the relevant forms. Small steps like this quickly add up to big savings.

3 – Take a Strategic Approach to Maternity Clothes

You won’t need maternity wear right away. Stretchy dresses, flowy tops and going up a size in your normal clothes will see you through the first half of pregnancy. Invest later in versatile maternity basics like jeans, leggings, tees and a dress. You don’t need a whole new wardrobe.

4 – Raid Your Friends’ Hand-Me-Downs

If your pals have kids already, they’ll likely have maternity clothes sitting unused. Borrowing saves you cash and benefits the planet. Offer to lend the favour when your turn comes.

5 – Get Creative with Clothing Tricks

Use hair ties looped through jeans buttons and belt loops to extend non-maternity trousers. Flowy tops disguise gaps. Bump bands stretch over your growing middle to prolong normal outfits. Bra extenders provide a few extra inches of band length. Have your bra size re-checked as your cup size changes.

6 – Buy Pre-Loved Maternity Fashion

Skip pricey first-hand maternity ranges. eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Vinted and charity shops are goldmines for barely-worn pregnancy pieces at a fraction of retail prices. You can re-sell items later to recoup costs.

7 – Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Freebies and Offers

Watch for free samples, goody bags and vouchers from programmes like Bounty and Emma’s Diary. Join shop baby clubs and make the most of loyalty schemes for discounts on essentials. Check for the latest deals.

8 – Befriend Other Local Parents-to-Be

Connect with fellow mums-to-be in your area using free apps like Peanut. Swap tips and advice on Mumsnet pregnancy forums. Attend free NHS parenting classes to widen your support network.

9 – Host a Low-Key Baby Shower

Baby showers are a lovely way to celebrate, but big events can be pricey. Keep costs down by hosting an informal gathering at home with homemade treats and decorations. Ask guests to each bring a pack of nappies or baby wipes instead of gifts. Take the emphasis off presents and make it about pampering the parents-to-be.

10 – Stay Fit for Free

YouTube stars like Joe Wicks offer free online pregnancy workouts. Always check new exercise plans with your midwife. Local parks are great for walking, stretching and gentle outdoor circuits. Take advantage of exercise DVDs and online classes from your local library.

11 – Learn for Less

Borrow pregnancy, birth and hypnobirthing books from your library rather than buying. Free online hypnobirthing resources like podcasts and Spotify can help you stay relaxed.

12 – Prep Your Meals on a Budget

Making extra portions of economical meals like chillis, curries and stews and freezing them saves you cooking daily. Bulk buy rice, pasta, grains and frozen veg when they’re on offer. Plan weekly menus and shop with a list to avoid wasting food.

13 – Cut Down on Impulse Buys

It’s easy to get carried away when preparing for a new arrival. Curb excessive spending by waiting 24 hours before buying bigger items. Stick to an agreed budget and keep a list of essentials. Research best buys online using review sites. Look at the cost over the lifespan rather than just the price tag. Consider borrowing bulky items like cots and high chairs from family and friends rather than buying new.

14 – Get Crafty with Hand-Me-Downs

Upcycling kids’ clothes and items passed on by friends gives them a new lease of life. Turn old t-shirts into sleepsuits or bibs, upsize too-small babygrows by adding fabric panels, re-cover baby bouncer pads with fun fabric, and decorate walls with colourful wall stickers instead of a pricey nursery makeover.

15 – Look After Your Wellbeing Without Breaking the Bank

Invest in a good pregnancy vitamin like Pregnacare Original to help safeguard your nutrient intake. Stay active with free online workouts and making the most of your local area. Practise breathing techniques and self-care daily. Talk through worries and anxieties with your midwife.

16 – Spread Big Purchases

Big ticket baby items like car seats and prams can be daunting. Open a savings account and pay a small amount in each month so you’re not hit with a huge one-off cost. Or put items on layaway and pay installments. Stick to a realistic budget for nursery decorating and furniture too.

17 – Earn Extra Money

Make the most of extra time before baby comes along. Selling unwanted items on eBay gives a cash boost. Rent out parking spaces or spare rooms via platforms like Airbnb. Freelancing online using your skills is flexible. Sign up with a local childcare agency for babysitting work.

18 – Share the Load

Chat to your partner about pregnancy expenses and split costs where possible. Be open about any money worries. Make saving a team effort and find free ways to treat yourselves during this special time, like picnics, days out and movie nights in.

19 – Barter Your Skills

Offer friends and family your services like cooking meals, cleaning, running errands or babysitting in exchange for their help with DIY, childcare after the birth or lending you equipment. Bartering skills and time saves money on both sides.

20 – Seek Out Alternative Therapies

Some private pregnancy therapies and classes can be costly. Look for more affordable options like pregnancy yoga or pilates at your local gym or community centre. Student massage therapists sometimes offer discounted treatments. Local doulas may work on a flexible payment basis. Accessing these alternative therapies for less helps you pamper yourself during pregnancy.

Pregnancy involves plenty of planning and preparation. But with our practical pointers, you can look forward to your new arrival without being overwhelmed by financial worries. Follow our advice to keep costs down while still enjoying this precious time.

Saving money during pregnancy frees up funds for when your baby arrives. For more money-saving inspiration for life with a newborn, check out our article on how to save cash when you have a baby.

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