How to Conceive a Baby Boy

Over the past 25 years countless couples have turned towards the Shettles method for finding out the secret of how to conceive a baby boy. And with a 75% rate of success, this method has blessed thousands of couples with a boy they always wished for. In fact there are some researchers who claim the success rates to be as high as 90%!!

Dr. Shettles in his book shares his views regarding issues that can help you know how to conceive a boy. Here we have given you a brief idea of what to expect if you purchase this book. You need to follow all the instructions to the core to get optimum chances of conceiving a boy.

The Shettles Method relies on the basic fact that the sperm which bears the Y chromosome (male sperm) is quite smaller and weaker, but moves pretty fast in comparison to the bigger X chromosome bearing sperm (female sperm). Hence based on this simple scientific fact, the Shettle Method suggests the following methods that can assist you to conceive a boy.

How to Conceive a Boy

Calculating the Time of Ovulation

It is important to know the exact time of ovulation if you wish to have a male child. Dr. Shettles suggests that it is ideal to indulge in intercourse at least one day prior to ovulation and within the next half day post ovulation to enhance the possibility of conceiving a boy. If you indulge in sexual intercourse well in advance to the ovulation then you will lower the possibility of having a male child. Hence, you need to consider the proper timing if you wish to enhance the possibility of conceiving a boy.

Shettles recommends three foolproof methods to follow.

1) Charting Cervical Mucus

Dr Shettles explains the complete details of charting cervical mucus in the third segment of his book ‘How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby’. In this method you need to check your cervical mucus every day. Just prior to ovulation the cervical mucus is watery and elastic similar to the egg white of a raw egg. You need to start the process of charting at least 30 days prior to planning to conceive a boy so that you are 100% sure of the accurate day of ovulation.

2) BBT (Basal Body Temperature) Charting

Shettles further recommends using the BBT charting along with cervical mucus charting to make sure about the correct timing of ovulation. He explains in detail the manner in which you can correctly chart the BBT in the third segment of his book. A blank BBT chart is available online for download in PDF format from Zoom Baby  We also supply this BBT chart and instructions with all of our basal thermometers. On the chart you will also find an area where you can include the Cervical Mucus evaluation.

You will have to buy a basal thermometer to note the basal body temperature or BBT. Every morning when you wake up you need to take your temperature prior to doing anything because if you indulge in any activity then it has an impact on the readings. When you see a rise in temperature it indicates that you have ovulated. You will have to begin charting for at least 2 months to get the accurate readings and you will have to indulge in sexual intercourse near the ovulation period to enhance the possibilities of conceiving a male child.

3) Use of Ovulation Predictor Kits

The last method suggested by Shettles is to know the accurate time of ovulation with the help of ovulation predictor kits. These kits are used to find out the right time when the body releases the LH, which is an indicator that the ovulation is soon going to take place. Dr. Shettles recommends that you need to test at least two times daily to get the accurate moment of the surge as soon as it takes place. He also mentions that the ideal time to test is between 11 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon and then again between 5pm & 10 pm. Once you consider all of these factors, it is possible that the ovulation might take place within a day after getting a positive result in the LH surge which is tested using the ovulation predictor kit. Dr.Shettles in his book also gives you a detailed explanation on the ways to understand the ovulation predictor kits. So make certain to go through the complete information.

Ovulation predictor kits which are available at stores are expensive, however you can buy ovulation test kits here at affordable rates. You can also go through the product specifications of the ovulation predictor kits on the product description page. Many ovulation test kits are now supplied with free pregnancy tests, which makes them great value when compared to shop bought ones.

A boy needs an X chromosome and a Y chromosome

Women’s eggs contain only the X sex chromosome and so the process of sex selection is decided by a man’s sperm. Half of a man’s sperm will carry the Y chromosome and the other half the X chromosome. Sex selection therefore depends on which type of sperm fertilises the egg. A Y sperm that fertilises the egg will produce a boy (XY) while an X sperm will produce a girl (XX). Sperm that carry the Y chromosome (required for a boy) reach their target very quickly, but tire more easily. Sperm that carry the X chromosome (required for a girl) are slower swimmers, but are much more resistant.

Shettles states that if you wish to enhance the chances of having a male child then you need to have intercourse within a day prior to the ovulation or well within 12 hours post ovulation. Sexual intercourse which takes place near to the time of ovulation results in the quicker Y (male) sperm. Since the cervical mucus is not very acidic and hence enables the Y chromosome to slip through and reach the egg faster.

Sexual Position

So what is the best sex position for getting pregnant? Shettles recommends that in case you wish to conceive a boy then you need to penetrate deeper during sexual intercourse. It is ideal to go for the ‘doggy style’ position. This way, the sperm will get deposited closer to cervix, giving the ‘Boy’ sperm a better chance to reach the egg.

Sex & Orgasms

According to Shettles, to have orgasms at the time of sex is a good thing. At the time of orgasms, the body secrets mucus which makes the environment of vagina more alkaline. This makes things quite favourable for the ‘boy’ sperm. The contractions during an orgasm to push the sperm further up within the cervix and thus the boy sperm gets a further boost to reach the egg faster.

However, it is important to note that orgasms are not necessary for conception to occur. The sperm can still reach and fertilise the egg without the presence of an orgasm.

In addition, it is important to prioritise pleasure and enjoyment during sexual activity rather than solely focusing on the goal of conception. Too much pressure and stress can actually decrease the chances of conception.

It is also important to note that not everyone is able to orgasm during sex and that is completely normal. There are a variety of factors that can influence one’s ability to orgasm, including physical and psychological factors. It is important to communicate with your partner and explore different techniques that work for you.

Overall, while orgasms can have a positive impact on the chances of conceiving a boy, it is important to prioritise pleasure and enjoyment during sexual activity and not solely focus on the goal of conception.


When you are trying to conceive, what you eat is important. A healthy diet will help you to get pregnant, but does what you eat influence the sex of your future child? Believe it or not, a 2008 study set about looking at this. 740 women were studied and a link was found between taking more calories in and conceiving a boy.

Whether the findings of the survey are true or not is debatable, so don’t start eating double portions right now! Eat the right things now (whole foods, fruits and vegetables, low-sugar snacks) and this will allow you to consume the right amount of calories when you’re pregnant.

One thing that stood out from the study – the women in the group consumed higher levels of potassium. If you want to try this yourself, try eating more bananas, sweet potatoes, and white beans.

Finally, the study said that “Women producing male infants consumed more breakfast cereal than those with female infants.” Finally, you have a good excuse for eating a late night bowl of cornflakes!

Considerations for Men

Men need to switch over to boxers as tight fitting underwear only enhances the level of heat near the testes. This reduces the sperm count. Hence you need to wear underwear which is loose and comfortable, and enables the testes to remain cool. You can also make your partner consume a caffeine rich drink before intercourse as by this the Y sperm becomes more active.

Using A Fertility Lubricant

Some ladies on mumsnet have discussed if the use of a fertility lubricant can increase or decrease the chances of having a child of one particular sex. Can Pre-Seed increase the chances of having a boy? Can Conceive Plus help you to have a girl? The result of the small and very unscientific online survey was not conclusive! 🙂

Looking to find out how to conceive a baby girl? Read our blog post on increasing your chances of have a girl.

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