How to Use Pre-Seed Fertility Lubricant

What is Pre-Seed?

A sperm physiologist created Pre-Seed fertility lubricant to give sperm an environment that is safe and friendly so that it would not be hindered or damaged as it travels to the egg for fertilisation. It was created at a time when there weren’t any other safe options when attempting to conceive.  It was the first fertility lubricant in the USA and UK. Many couples now use this lubricant when trying to conceive.

Pre-Seed is specifically made to replicate the naturally occurring cervical mucus that is fertile, which is necessary for the sperm to easily access the egg. Pre-Seed, in contrast to conventional lubricants, does not affect sperm function or movement, preserving their ability to swim efficiently towards the egg. It offers an isotonic, pH-balanced environment that promotes sperm motility and survival.

The formula of Pre-Seed is non-toxic and sperm-friendly, which is one of its main advantages. Traditional lubricants frequently contain substances like glycerin, parabens, or oils that might hurt or hinder sperm. Pre-Seed, on the other hand, is made without these hazardous ingredients, ensuring the best conditions possible for conception.

It has been demonstrated through clinical testing that Pre-Seed is safe to use on both sperm and embryos. The delicate reproductive cells are not harmed, and the fertilised egg’s integrity is not jeopardised. As a result, it is a dependable option for couples undergoing IVF or reproductive treatments.

Pre-Seed not only improves fertility but also provides relief to couples who suffer from vaginal dryness. Intimate times are made more comfortable and stress-free by its special moisturising properties, which also promote comfort and reduce discomfort.

Pre-Seed has fundamentally changed how couples approach conception by offering a secure, reliable, and supported by science lubricant that promotes natural fertility. Its success tales have enhanced its standing as a dependable and suggested reproductive aid for attempting couples.

When to use Pre-Seed

  • It only has to be used close to or during the time of the month when the woman is fertile. The other times of the month it is OK to apply a regular non- spermicidal water-based lubricant, which will save you money. You have the option to use Pre-Seed for the entire month.
  • Women who are using a vaginal applicator to apply the lubricant have discovered it is best to insert it around 15 minutes before intercourse.

How to use Pre-Seed

  • One option is to apply it as an external lubricant during foreplay and intercourse. The other option is to insert it into the vagina using applicators before intercourse, or you can use a combination of each method. It will depend on the amount of natural lubricant present. If you are well lubricated naturally when aroused, the applicators might not be necessary at all.
  • Pre-Seed lubricant can be applied to your partner or yourself during foreplay, just as you would any other regular lubricant.


Pre-Seed - Trying to Get Pregnant

How to fill the Pre-Seed vaginal applicators

  • Read the instructions in full prior to starting and be sure you fully understand how the use the applicators and tube.
  • Before you start, ensure that the plunger of the applicator is fully in
  • Remove the Pre-Seed lid (put it in a safe, accessible location as the tube has to be recovered or it will dry out the lubricant
  • On the Pre-seed tube threads, turn the vaginal applicator. Next, squeeze the Pre-Seed into the applicator
  • To ensure that lubricant isn’t wasted, squeeze from the base
  • The amount you insert is your choice. For first time users, we recommend that you go up to the 3g fill line. After that, you will adjust the amount to suit your needs
  • Untwist the applicator from the tube. Be sure to hold the applicator vertically when doing this to prevent lubricant from oozing out
  • Replace the tube cap
  • Next, insert the vaginal applicator gently about halfway into the vagina
  • Now, release the lubricant by slowly pushing the plunger. Take your time
  • After use, throw away the applicator. Never use the vaginal applicators again as it could lead to an infection.

Applying Pre-Seed without an applicator

Do you have some leftover Pre-Seed but no more applicators? Just use it as an external lubricant and use your fingers to apply it to yourself or your partner.

How much Pre-Seed to put in the applicator

  • In order to find out what works best in your situation, it is just trial and error
  • The perfect situation is to provide just enough lubricant to stimulate the man so that he reaches orgasm
  • Most women have discovered that the 2-3g fill line is optimal

After intercourse, then what?

  • If possible, remain in bed and fall asleep. Now isn’t the time to get up and go do housework. You want to give the sperm the best possible chance to reach the egg and fertilise it.
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I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Can Pre-Seed help me to conceive?

Pre-Seed is recommended as a “fertility-friendly” personal lubricant. This means that it is designed to match the pH and isotonic balance of your cervical mucus. This allows the sperm to freely swim to their destination. Studies have shown that Pre-Seed can be of benefit as a sperm-safe lubricant, ahead of many other lubes. Unfortunately, there is no specific clinical evidence that would suggest that Pre-Seed can help women to conceive when they have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). We suggest that you talk to your GP about possible treatments that may help.

Where to buy Pre-Seed

At Zoom Baby we would, of course, love it if you bought your Pre-Seed from us. We are one of the cheapest fertility lubricant stockists in the country and we ship out all orders same-day, by first class mail. This means that you will always get a quick Pre-Seed delivery when you order from Zoom Baby. We often have a pre-seed discount code available, which makes our pre-seed cheaper than most other places.

If you are in a rush you can buy Pre-Seed on the high street from Boots. You will pay more than if you order it from us of course! Pre-Seed is now manufactured by First Response, the makers of the famous early pregnancy test. This is why you are more likely than ever to see Pre-Seed in high street chemists such as Boots and Superdrug.

Good luck to you all and have fun making your baby!

This post first appeared in 2021. It was last updated in June 2023.

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